September tasting event: Bulleit

On Saturday 27th September, discover Bulleit, the Frontier Whiskey, with a tasting led by Hannah Waters.

Bulleit Bourbon is distilled in Lawrenceburg, KY. There are only a handful of active distilleries in Kentucky and most produce their own brands, as well as various other brands of bourbon. Bulleit Bourbon is aged 4-6 years in new American White Oak barrels, flame charred to a #4 char. All bourbons must be aged a minimum of two years. Bulleit Bourbon’s unique high rye content (2/3 corn, 1/3 rye and malted barley) distilled in small batches results in a more distinctive spice and taste, which makes it a favorite among mixologists.

Bulleit Rye is a straight rye whiskey, offering a 95% rye mash whiskey (5% malted barley) which makes it among the highest American rye whiskeys on the market. Bulleit Rye has long been a dream of Tom Bulleit’s. Adding a rye whiskey to the Bulleit range was a natural extension to Bulleit Bourbon as it is one of the most high rye content bourbons on the market.

Session is $35 nett.

Please send an e-mail to to confirm if you prefer the session at 1.30 pm or 3.30 pm.