Armagnac Clos Martin

Clos MartinThe stills used by the different Domains from which Clos Martin sources its Armagnacs are rather small, therefore enabling the middle cute to be rich in heavy elements. The final distillate has thus a lower alcohol content – 52% -, which basically doubles the number of aromatic elements in comparison to a 60% distillate. This results in rich, earthy and powerful expressions. All these different eaux-de vie are then aged separately in futbalove dresy order to enable the bottling of vintages, single Terroirs and single grape varieties.

Armagnac Clos MartinCLOS MARTIN XO
40%, 70cl – French Armagnac

This expression is solely made out of a special grape variety called Folle Blanche, the most famous variety in Armagnac. This type of grape adapts itself perfectly to the local Terroir, the soil of Bas-Armagnac being mostly composed of sand and clay. The type of wine produced is particularly acid, ideal for the distillation. Classical, this 15yo XO reveals a lot of complexity and firmness. Marked by futbalove dresy na predaj Vanilla notes, cinnamon, orange zest and tobacco leaves, it is a sharp Armagnac, revealing aromas of prunes, vanilla and coffee on the palate.