04/06/18 PHENOMENOLOGY C.Box 46%


Blended Whisky, Scotland, 70cl, Ref: 53548

Phenomenology is a way of thinking about ourselves and the very personal, subjective nature of experience. It’s a school of thought in psychology that focuses on phenomena, or, the experiences that we get from our senses – what we see, taste, smell and touch. Somehow, there is a link between phenomenology and whisky. The independant bottlers Compass Box has long been working on a blend of single malts that combines seemingly dissonant flavour profiles, but together creates something compelling. Information about this whisky, including components will be revealed later on this year after everyone had a change to try it and make their own opinion about it.
04/06/18 NO NAME C.Box 48,9%

NO NAME C.Box 48,9% 

Blended Whisky, Scotland, 70cl, Ref: 53699

Compass Box came across a parcel of American oak barrels filled with mature, massively peaty single malt whisky - tarry and full of bonfire-like smokiness. To them, this was a whisky ideal to be tamed and shaped into a very special Compass Box limited edition. Even peatier whisky ‘The Peat Monster’ - the staple peated Blended Malt Scotch Whisky in the Compass Box range - the resulting blend is massive in terms of the intensity and complexity of flavour; a whisky brimming with complex peatiness, but tempered with hints of fruit character and an underlying sweetness. A bonfire-like smokiness on the nose with a peatiness that is by turns tarry and medicinal with hints of autumn leaves. A powerful smokiness and peatiness follow, accented by hints of ripe cherries, plums and spice.
09/05/18 CAOL ILA 2010 COLLECTIVE 43%

CAOL ILA 2010 COLLECTIVE 43% Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 53983 Nothing could be more natural than a young Caol Ila joining the Artist Collective range! Produced from 1.5 cask, this incredibly fresh, complex and mature bottling boasts all the qualities for which this single malt is renowned. Delicate smoke, a salty, iodine character that clearly evokes the seafront, particularly tangy fruit and, especially for this small batch, a charm that will knock you off your feet. Profile: the complex initial nose is smoky, iodine and salty - Caol Ila in its element. This is accompanied by citrus fruit, a note of vanilla, ash and pepper. The rocky attack reveals incredibly delicate peat. On the mid-palate, propelled by a sea breeze, it sets sails for the high sea. Full of energy, the finish evokes wet rope before becoming increasingly oily (green olive). Small Batch – First Fill Hogshead Limited edition of 2 550 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
07/05/18 PORT ASKAIG 19 YEAR OLD 50,4%
BLAIR ATHOL 29 ans 1988 S.V 54% Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 51363E Released as part of the Cask Strength collection, this Blair Athol 26 years old was matured in wine treated butt and bottled in 2015 by the independent bottler Signatory Vintage. Intensely rich, this single malt expresses smoky wood, dried fruits and milk chocolate notes.
07/05/18 BLAIR ATHOL 29 ans 1988 S.V 54%
BLAIR ATHOL 29 ans 1988 S.V 54% Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 51363E Released as part of the Cask Strength collection, this Blair Athol 26 years old was matured in wine treated butt and bottled in 2015 by the independent bottler Signatory Vintage. Intensely rich, this single malt expresses smoky wood, dried fruits and milk chocolate notes.
07/05/18 ARDMORE 2011 Peated W&M 48%
ARDMORE 2011 Peated W&M 48% Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 51454 From the love of heavily peated whiskies, but also of the fruity ones, comes this bottling of an unusually very smoky Ardmore. The fruity Speyside style is felt in the clean notes of pears and apples of the distillate, and it provides a fine background to the explosive level of peat smoke. If it weren’t for the elegantly fruity touch, this might well be a powerful Islay malt! Fully enjoyable and mature in spite of its young age – and probably even more powerful and stormy thanks to it!
07/05/18 FOURSQUARE Principia 62%

FOURSQUARE Principia 62% Rhum De Melasse, Barbados, 70cl, Ref: 53849 Produced from a blend of rums distilled in 2007 and 2008 and aged in sherry casks, this cask-strength bottling reveals first an aromatic palette whose construction deserves hearty praise for its watchmaker-like precision. With the same precision, the finesse and ethereal character of the spirit are beautifully showcased in its enthralling palette of flavours. On the finish, the fervour with which it takes up its pilgrim stick reflects this Foursquare’s desire to continually refine its masterpiece.   Profile: the full-bodied initial nose is marked by notes of vanilla, almond milk and fresh walnut. It also reveals a huge variety of fruit (bramble, cherry, apricot) and chocolate. Allowed to breathe, it becomes empyreumatic (crème brûlée). The heady attack is very spicy (pink peppercorn, cinnamon). The spirit’s finesse beams on the mid-palate. The finish is softened by notes of raspberry coulis and apple jelly.
29/04/18 TITO’S Vodka 40%
TITO'S Vodka 40%

Vodka De Cereale, United States / Texas, 70cl, Ref: 5837

Today Tito’s is the number 1 US vodka, praised by numbers of bartenders. First craft corn vodka, and 100% gluten-free Tito is distilled 6 times and filtered with charcoal. Beautiful look, mellow but not liquorish. Grilled corn, sugar and honey notes on the nose. The palate is round, smooth and enjoyable with peppery and spicy notes. Tito’s is undoubtedly the original American self-made man story. The fairy tale started in 1996 when Tito Beveridge lead by his entrepreneur spirit, decide to dedicate himself to the vodka production. His concept? Apply wine artisanal production process to spirits. Going after his dream, Tito invests most of his savings into the oldest legal distillery in Austin at Texas. After blind tasting hundreds of vodkas, Tito picks the American typical cereal to produce its vodka: the corn.
19/04/18 BLEND ARTIST 7th Edition ARTIST 55%
BLEND ARTIST 7th Edition ARTIST 55% For its seventh edition, the Artist range welcomes a seventh whisky. For the first time, we have chosen a blended scotch, created by John Glaser for La Maison du Whisky and Velier, to celebrate its 70th birthday in 2017. For a first try, it’s a masterful success. This Artist Blend is both well-balanced and complex. Profile: Heady, herbaceous (straw). Vegetal peat, salty, spicy and ashy
19/04/18 CARONI 1997 Joint Bottling LMDW Hua Yang 61,5%

CARONI 1997 Joint Bottling LMDW Hua Yang 61,5%

The Caroni distillery, owned by the states of Trinité and Tobago, closed its doors in 2002. After 84 years of production, it leaves behind it a few stills with columns, stills pot and some barrels that gave birth to vintage* rums we can offer you.
19/04/18 PERE LABAT 2010 70 ans Velier 57,5%

 PERE LABAT 2010 70 ans Velier 57,5%

This limited edition of 610 bottles has been distilled at Père Palbat located in Marie Galante. Bottled to celebrate Velier's 70th anniversary.
11/04/18 CLYNELISH 1997 LMDW Cellar Book 55,8% 

CLYNELISH 1997 LMDW Cellar Book 55,8% 

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 54027

Having reached its peak age at 20 years old, this bottling distilled on 19 July 1997 reveals Clynelish in a particularly unexpected light. To illustrate its point, it has chosen not only to break with convention but also to hit hard with its aromatic palette. Without further ado, the start of the palate immediately proclaims loud and clear its need for exoticism and its love of white spirits. So much so that this incensed cry will remain indelibly printed on the sensory memory of the taster. Then, cut to the quick, it takes a wild pleasure in exploring a universe in which u-turns are a sine qua non for ensuring everpresent originality. Profile: the delicate initial nose is salty, malty and lemony. Gradually it becomes spicy (pepper), ashy and medicinal (balm). The very exotic (lychee) and fruity (raspberry) attack invites us to taste all sorts of white spirits. The mid-palate is milky (coconut), with baking notes (cake). The generous finish is delicately liquorice and herbaceous (clover, lucerne). The end of the palate is characterized by dried fruit (walnut, chestnut). Highland, Single Malt - 58.4%, 70cl Single Cask #6927 - Ex-Bourbon Limited edition of 266 bottles LMDW Exclusive
11/04/18 LEDAIG 11 ans 2005 LMDW Cellar Book 63,6%

LEDAIG 11 ans 2005 LMDW Cellar Book 63,6% 

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands-mull, 70cl, Ref: 54012

Distilled on 29 September 2005, this bottling selected for the Spirits Shop Selection stages a chameleon peat that is in turn vegetal, liquorice, earthy, lemony, lush, farmyard and maritime. Viscerally island-esque and constantly swept by a sea breeze, through its changing tides it invites us to breathe in deep lungfuls of extremely bracing iodine aromas. This is accompanied by a rousing trek in the surrounding countryside with an incredibly rustic aromatic and gustatory palette, before returning to the banks of Tobermory. Profile: the deep initial nose reveals a vegetal peat and intense smoke. Brimming with sea spray and salt, once allowed to breathe it becomes more fruity (pineapple, pear) and at the same time more earthy and spicy. The taut attack is peaty and lush (sage). The mid-palate adds floral (dandelion) and chocolate notes. The well-balanced finish reveals a farmyard (straw, barnyard) and maritime (smoked fish) register. The empty glass is very peaty (sleet, fuel). Single Cask no. 900106 – ex Bourbon Limited edition Exclusive to LMDW
11/04/18 BLEND ARTIST 7th Edition ARTIST 55%


Blended Whisky, Ecosse, 70cl, Ref: 53995

For its seventh edition, the Artist range welcomes a seventh whisky. For the first time, we have chosen a blended scotch, created by John Glaser for La Maison du Whisky and Velier, to celebrate its 70th birthday in 2017. For a first try, it’s a masterful success. This Artist Blend is both well-balanced and complex. Profile: Heady, herbaceous (straw). Vegetal peat, salty, spicy and ashy.
11/04/18 CARONI 17 ans 2000 US VERSION 70CL
CARONI 17 ans 2000 US VERSION 70CL Rhum De Melasse, Trinite & Tobago, 70cl, Ref: 54272 Caroni 2000 is the latest bottling of the abandoned stock of old Caroni in Trinidad. It was the first ever for US market at 750ml bottle and it is the first at 700ml made for the European market. This Caroni contains one of best expressions of vintage 2000, as it was aged 17 years of static ageing in the tropics, under hot weather and humidity. It is hugely aged in relationship to other European spirit, to perfectly capture the unique Trinidad heavy rum character of this closed distillery and was bottled at 55% ABV. Extremely woody as all Caroni rums, it has charming notes of hydrocarbure, minerals, exotic fruits, tobacco and humid wood.
07/03/18 DICTADOR 100 Months Orange 40%

DICTADOR 100 Months Orange 40%

Autres Rhums, Columbia, 70cl, Ref: 19375

A new Dictador range from Columbia’s sumptuous Caribbean coast: 100 months. Obtained by distillation and then ageing for 100 months in oak barrels, 100 months Orange then serves as a base for the maceration of Columbian orange zest. Style: Subtle and fruity.
07/03/18 DICTADOR Premium Colombian Aged Gin Ortodoxy 43%

DICTADOR Premium Colombian Aged Gin Ortodoxy 43%

Distilled Gin, Columbia, 70cl, Ref: 4429

Columbian Aged Ortodoxy gin is elaborated by the Dictador distillery. Aged in ex-rum casks, it is then filtered giving to the gin, its light color and clarity. A sweet and mollowed gin expressing notes of spices (clove), orange blossom, verbena, rose mary and undergrowth.
21/02/18 KILCHOMAN Sherry Single Cask Trilogy Of

KILCHOMAN Sherry Single Cask Trilogy Of

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 19606

Although the sherry just about gains the upper hand over the peat and smoke in the finish, it is only with a view to prolonging the intense pleasure experienced in tasting this Kilchoman aged in sherry casks. Whether in the nose or on the palate, the notes inherent to sherry and those accumulated through smoked mal - ted barley are so deeply embedded here it is impossible to tell them apart. This beautiful weaving of scents and tastes creates a complex, deep, sparkling and remarkably well-balanced single malt. Single Cask #189 - Sherry Butt Limited edition of 642 bottles – LMDW world exclusive Profile: dominated by peat, but this does not exclude the presence of ripe (Mirabelle plum, quince) and exotic (pineapple, kiwi) fruit.
21/02/18 KAVALAN Ex-Sherry Oak Of 46%

KAVALAN Ex-Sherry Oak 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Taiwan / Yilan County, 70cl, Ref: 17702

Matured in sherry barrels with spicy and elegant notes, it has retained all of the essential olfactory and gustatory characteristics of the sherry version from the Solist range. Rich and ample, it opens up onto notes of dried fruit and walnut. It offers a Profile: fine wood dust. Dried fruit (apricot and date). Rancio red fruits (raspberry, redcurrant). Spices (curry, star anise, cardamom). Floral (honeysuckle and lime blossom). Dark chocolate, very ripe mangos, grilled walnuts. Style: Rich and complex
21/02/18 MORTLACH 2008 S.V 60,8%

MORTLACH 2008 S.V 60,8%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 51969B

Founded in 1823, Mortlach was one of the few distilleries permitted to produce spirits during World War II. Using partial triple distillation, it is equipped with traditional condensers called “worm tubes”. A subtle blend of finesse and power, this bottling shows wonderful maturity despite its young age. A real gem, it overflows with all the ingredients that make this single malt considered one of the best in Speyside. Profile: powerful, spicy, exotic and vanilla-scented, the nose is also honeyed and herbaceous. A hint of oily peat makes an appearance. Reminiscent of a white Burgundy. Brimming with life and energy, the palate is hot and spicy. Juicy fruit and hay pave the way for a subtly peaty finish. Single Cask no. 800054 – Bourbon Barrel Limited edition of 249 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 CARONI 21 year old 57,18%

CARONI 21 year old 57,18%

Rhum De Melasse, Trinidad & Tobago, 70cl, Ref: 53117

Founded in 1923, in the heart of the Caroni’s sugarcane plantations, this famed Trinidad distillery was renowned throughout the world for producing one of the very best Heavy Rums, receiving high praise from the British Navy. In 2003, with the closing of the nearby state-owned sugar refinery, Trinidad sugarcane production ceased and the distillery was inevitably shut down shortly after. Caroni 21 years old contains rum from the 1996 vintage, distilled and matured for twenty-one years on the island. The tropical conditions result in a 86% loss of the distilled spirit due to evaporation: the angel’s share. To perfectly capture the unique Heavy Rum character of this closed distillery, Caroni 21 years old has been bottled at 57,18%. Furthermore, the label is a reproduction of an original from 1940, chosen to commemorate the golden age of Trinidad Rum.
21/02/18 ARDBEG Uigeadail 54,2%

ARDBEG Uigeadail 54,2%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 8482

This strong Ardbeg (54.2%) was elected “best single malt in the world in 2009” by Jim Murray, author of The Whisky Bible. Uigeadail is the name of the spring that supplies Ardbeg with its precious water. Uigeadail is also a subtle blend of 10 and 13 year
21/02/18 ARDBEG Corryvreckan 57,1%

ARDBEG Corryvreckan 57,1%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 15331

Located between the islands of Jura and Scarba, “Coirebhreacain”, which means “cauldron of the speckled seas” in Shakespearean language, is the third largest whirlpool in the world. Behind its abstruse name lies an Ardbeg which explores every aspect of th Style: Very peaty Profile: Smoky, iodine, malty. Maître Tseng: evokes a lightly smoky red tea from the Fujian province, Song Yan, with its flavours of dried fruit (longan) and noble wood. Jacques Génin: a honeydew melon paste for a return to the soil.
21/02/18 ARDBEG 10 ans Ten Warehouse Of 46%

ARDBEG 10 Y Ten Warehouse Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 53714

The peatiest of the Islay single malts in an official, young, non-chill filtered version that stays true to tradition. A golden shade with glints of green, a smoky nose characterised by notes of tobacco. Fresh and oily on the palate with a very smoky, malted and iodised aspect. A long, salty finish marks a return to the peat.
21/02/18 GLENLIVET 2007 COLLECTIVE 48%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 53832

A vatting of five casks, this bottling pays tribute to the first distillery to obtain an official licence in 1824, whose single malt is highly renowned throughout the world. On an aromatic front, the way it expresses the best of the sherry cask maturation, and on a flavour front, the tact with which it momentarily hands over to malted barley before leaving to conquer particularly fertile Andalusian lands with even more lyricism are moments of pure pleasure. Profile: the rich initial nose sees sherry leave its fruity (apricot) and honeyed (lime blossom) signature on the aromatic palette. Well-balanced, it develops into salted butter caramel and plants (verbena). Bursting with fruit (orange, peach, date), the attack is particularly subtle. The mid-palate is then honeyed (lavender) and juicy (Mirabelle plum). The end of palate is spicy (cinnamon, ginger), vanilla and floral (lily, iris). Small Batch – Sherry Cask Limited edition of 1 676 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 LEDAIG 2010 COLLECTIVE 57,1%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands-mull, 70cl, Ref: 53833

A blend of seven casks, this skittish Ledaig simply can’t sit still. And yet it is firmly rooted in the banks of Tobermory distillery. At first, with the candour and enthusiasm of a young moss, it invites us to discover its peaty, salty, ashy and floral fragrances. Then, quickly taking note of its life lessons learned, like an experienced old sea dog it invites us to stroll through the landscapes of a gustatory palette that permanently straddles land and sea. Colour: greenish gold. Profile: the fresh initial nose offers a salty, liquorice and ashy peat. Allowed to breathe, it develops citrus fruit (lemon), heady florals (violet), malted barley and ripe fruit (pear). The well-balanced attack is milky (coconut) and generous (tarte tropézienne). Gradually the peat becomes more present and medicinal. With firmness, the finish wavers between a field of barley and a seafood platter. Small Batch – Bourbon Barrels Limited edition of 1 785 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 CLYNELISH 1996 COLLECTIVE 48%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 53834

Created in 1968, the new Clynelish distillery produces a single malt highly sought-after not only by master blenders but also by independent bottlers. Produced from deux casks, this bottling has all the notes of wax, sweet spice, salt, florals and fruit that represent the DNA of this North Highland malt. To top it all, a gentle hint of peat has also been added to the fold. More subjectively, it is also a great excuse to take an invigorating hike to the summit of steep cliffs. Profile: the opulent initial nose is lightly peated, before moving into beeswax and malted barley. Allowed to breathe, it becomes herbaceous, salty, floral (peony) and fruity (melon). The lively attack draws on a malty, spicy backbone to assert its honeyed, juicy character. The end of the palate brings iodine. The rich finish then offers us still-hot brioche. Small Batch – Sherry Cask Limited edition of 1 030 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 GUADELOUPE 2014 TCRL 43%


Rhum De Melasse, France / Guadeloupe, 70cl, Ref: 53003

This Guadeloupe is the tenth Transcontinental Rum Line. Reduced at 43%, the degree where it expresses itself the best, this rum made from molasses was distilled and aged for close to 3 years in the french archipelago. This batch enhanced its maturation for few months in Europe.
21/02/18 JAMAICA WP 2013 Navy TCRL 57%

JAMAICA WP 2013 Navy TCRL 57%

Rhum De Melasse, Jamaica, 70cl, Ref: 53001

Second of its name, this Jamaican rum was born at W.P. Distillery in 2013 in the marvelous Lluidas Vale in Jamaica. Bottled at the legendary Navy Strength (57,18%), this batch matured close to 2 years on the island and 2,5 more years under the smooth European climate.
21/02/18 BARBADOS 2012 TCRL 46%


Rhum De Melasse, Barbados, 70cl, Ref: 53854

Distilled on January 2012, this version was aged first in a tropical climate until March 2017 and then for six months in a continental climate. Through short olfactory and gustatory sketches, each more expressive than the last, it takes us to a truly inviting and original universe, where everything is a pretext for dreams, childhood memories, travel and sharing, with one golden rule: pleasure is king and the present moment for the taking. Profile: the rich initial nose is fruity, vegetal and spicy. Allowed to breathe, it becomes milky (coconut) and exotic (banana, pineapple). The whole nose is gradually covered in luxurious vegetation. The refined attack is juicy and in turn spicy. The mid-palate reinforces its exotic character. The slightly tannic finish grinds its spices into powder. A note of incense hovers above the gustatory palette. Limited edition of 4 074 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/01/18 UITVLUGT 27 ans 1990 51,7%
UITVLUGT 27 ans 1990 51,7% Rhum De Melasse, British Guiana, 70cl, Ref: 53978
The 27 year old rum Uitvlugt from Guyana has been distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2017 by The Nectar.
03/01/18 RHUM RHUM PMG Liberation 2017 45%
RHUM RHUM PMG Liberation 2017 45% Rhum Agricole, France / Marie Galante, 70cl, Ref: 54149
Parts of the stocks of the Bielle distillery located on Marie Galante, this powerful and generous rum is a limited edition bottled by Luca Gargano. Distilled in 2010, this 4th edition of Liberation is the result of the cooperation between the master distiller Gianni Capovilla and Velier.
03/01/18 SONOMA Cherrywood Rye 47,8%
SONOMA Cherrywood Rye 47,8% Rye Whiskey, United States / California, 70cl, Ref: 53628
Made with a base of rye grain, and complemented by wheat and a hint of California Cherrywood-smoked barley, this inventive spirit is meant for those who seek out the flavors of a classic Manhattan cocktail in a distilled spirit. Aged in new American oak barrels for no less than one year, the blend is rounded out with notes of dried figs, toasted almonds, brandied cherries and new leather. This is Cherrywood rye whiskey.
03/01/18 IRISH SINGLE MALT 28 ans 1989 Sansi 49,3%
IRISH SINGLE MALT 28 ans 1989 Sansi 49,3% Single Malt Whisky, Ireland / County Antrim, 70cl, Ref: 54030
This Irish single malt has been aged in a unique cask for 28 years before being bottled by the independant bottler Sansibar in 2017.
03/01/18 CAOL ILA 1995 Over 20 Years 7th Edition ARTIST S.V 54,1%
CAOL ILA 1995 Over 20 Years 7th Edition ARTIST S.V 54,1% Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 53830
In addition to an altruistic peat that melts into the olfactory and gustatory landscape – even disappearing at times, and a smoke that plays variations on a single theme, this bottling has, amongst other aspects that embody the classic Caol Ila style, a faultless minerality and a superb maritime character. Profile: Mineral, ashy, smoky, floral (orange blossom), fruity (Williams pear and salty). Distilled in 1995 Bottled in 2017 Cask # 9736 Type: Hogshead Cask Strength: 54,1% 276 bottles produced
03/01/18 BUNNAHABHAIN 37 ans 1980 Bourbon Cask 70 ans Velier S.V 42,9%
BUNNAHABHAIN 37 ans 1980 Bourbon Cask 70 ans Velier S.V 42,9% Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 53948
Distilled in 1980, this Glenrothes has been aged in a bourbon casks. Selected to celebrates Velier 70th anniversary, this expression has been bottled at cask strength by the independant bottler Signatory Vintage. Limited Edition of 190 bottles.
03/01/18 AMRUT Two Continents 3rd Edition Of 46%

AMRUT Two Continents 3rd Edition Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, India / Bangalore, 70cl, Ref: 53353

19/12/17 CAOL ILA 18 ans Unpeated Of 59,8%

CAOL ILA 18 ans Unpeated Of 59,8%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 54059

This unpeated version of Caol Ila has been aged for 18 years in American oak hogshead before being bottled at natural cask strength. Once a year the distillery swaps out its peated regimen to produce unpeated whisky. The results is a creamy, chocolaty single malt with a hint of smoke.
19/12/17 MOUNT GAY 2007 Last Ward

MOUNT GAY 2007 Last Ward 59%

Rhum De Melasse, Barbados, 70cl, Ref: 53121

Last Ward 2007 is distilled at the Mount Gay Rum Refinery in a triple-distillation pot still. A result of Frank Ward’s experience and creativity, it is aged in former bourbon barrels. It is the first Mount Gay in the three-hundred-year history of the distillery that is produced only by pot still and bottled Full Proof at 64% abv.
19/12/17 OLD PULTENEY 25YO AND 1983
OLD PULTENEY 25YO The Highland distillery, based at Wick in the far north of Scotland, matured the new 25-year-old expression in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels for 22 years, followed by three years in ex-oloroso Spanish oak butts. Bottled at 46% abv, Old Pulteney 25 Year Old is described as having ‘mature and fragrant flavour notes’, with ‘heavy spices and dark chocolate… rum-soaked raisins and lime honey, punctuated with clean notes of orange peel and baked apples’. ‘We’re extremely proud to launch this premium addition to our core range,’ said Karen Walker, marketing director at International Beverage, owner of Old Pulteney parent company Inver House Distillers. ‘As one of the finest single malt whiskies in the world, it embodies Wick’s spirit of endurance and the Pulteney distillery’s signature coastal style.’   OLD PULTENEY 1983 Old Pulteney 1983 Vintage was matured in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels, before an extra spell in ex-oloroso Spanish oak butts, with ‘a chocolatey aroma with undertones of stewed fruit and toffee’.  
19/12/17 ABERLOUR 13 Y First Fill Sherry Butt LMDW Cellar Book Of 58%
ABERLOUR 13 ans First Fill Sherry Butt LMDW Cellar Book Of 58%  Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 53560 Using neither a compass nor a ruler, this Aberlour has successfully squared a circle. That is to say, it has successfully risen to the challenge set - to be completely under the spell of the sherry without this ever overburdening the palette of flavours and aromas. To achieve this feat, it draws on a spirit that boasts rare minerality. The way the palate matches the nose and the finish naturally presents its arguments, are in this respect enlightening. Profile: the distinguished initial nose is slightly tarry and very mineral. It develops into incense, heady florals and citrus fruit. The palate is like chewing on a liquorice stick. With generous flavours, it reveals chocolate, rancio and herbaceous notes. The very natural finish is even more concentrated. Characterised by coffee and tobacco, it is extremely fruity (bramble, blackcurrant). Single Cask 34595 – First Fill Sherry Butt Limited edition of 678 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
14/12/17 WOLFBURN Small Batch 128 Of 46%

WOLFBURN Small Batch 128 Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 53580

First of the small batch whisky range from the Wolfburn’s distillery, No.128 has been matured in smaller casks from a lightly peated spirit. Offering a first proper look at a peatier Wolfburn, it has been named after the casks it is composed of - which are all drawn from warehouse No.1, stow number 28. Matured in slightly unusual 100 litre first-fill ex-bourbon casks, this limited release counts only of 6,000 bottles.
14/12/17 WOLFBURN Morven Of 46%

WOLFBURN Morven Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 53649

Morven is a heavily peated expression elaborated by the Wolfburn distillery. The original distillery would have used both coal shipped into nearby wick, and locally cut peat from the surrounding country side for it’s maltings. No original Wolfburn still exists but to be true to the old distillery and the fuel it would have had available, the new distillery has used peated malt for the last few years for just six weeks a year. The first of that spirit matures this year and will be released under the name Morven. Morven is the highest mountain in Caithness and is surrounded by impenetrable peat bogs for many miles around where you can still see today channels in the peat all around left by the peat cutters as they dug peat by hand for hundreds of years. A lightly peated whisky.
14/12/17 WOLFBURN Aurora Of 46%

WOLFBURN Aurora Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 51730

The wolf is back! Shining all the way through, this single malt from the Wolfburn distillery is aptly named: Aurora. A combination of sherry Oloroso and quarter casks, Aurora is a rich, full bodied expression, punctuated by shiny notes. Just as right as their first release, this second edition is a testimony to the young distillery distinctive talent. Style: Full and warm
14/12/17 DOUBLE SINGLE C.Box 46%
Blended Whisky, Scotland,
70cl, Ref: 53033
With expression Compass Box brings back the Double Single, released for their 10th anniversay. This batch is a combinaison of a 19 year-old single malt whisky from the Glen Elgin distillery (72% of the recipe) aged in re-charred Bourbon Hogsheads and a single grain whisky from the Girvan distillery of a certain age (at least equal to the malt whisky) aged in re-charred Bourbon barrels. The elegantly complex, ethereal malt whisky character is balanced on a decadent cushion of rich, sweet, vanilla-tinged grain whisky character. The combination is a deeply satisfying yet versatile whisky, perfect served as an rich aperitif before a winter’s dinner, or as a rewarding post-prandial any time of year. Profile: elegant with vanilla, corn and barley.


  • Appearance : Golden straw.
  • Nose : light, smooth nose with lots of fresh vanilla, and notes of tarte tatin, caramelised fruits (apples/pears/maybe even a little bit of peach) and pastry.
  • Palate : really clean fresh flavour with more vanilla, custard, double cream flavours.
  • Overall : hint of spice/warmth with fresh, crisp apple flavours

Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands-Orkney 70cl

An 8 year old Highland Park, bottled by Gordon and MacPhail for the MacPhail's collection. It matured in Sherry butts and bourbon barrels. Nose: Toasted barley, slightly tart mango and vanilla. Palate: A creamy dram, rich with red apples, nuts and a whiff of sm
07/04/17 AN CNOC 12 YEAR OLD 40%

AN CNOC 12 YEAR OLD 40% Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands 70cl

If this single malt had to be described in two words, they would be ‘seriously Speyside’. A favourite with London barmen, it is used to make the famous ‘Knocktails’
  • Appearance : gold with amber hues.
  • Nose : finely liquoricey, it is characterised by ripe fruits (pear, apple, peach), vanilla and the softness of malted barley. It develops more floral (lilac, lavender) notes.
  • Palate : full-bodied, malted, it reveals notes of fermentation (yeast, beer). It develops into cocoa beans and exotic fruits (banana).
  • Overall : mellow, spiced (nutmeg, clove) it also emerges as fruity and finely herbaceous (green malt). It extends into citrus fruit (grapefruit) and toffee.
07/04/17 KILCHOMAN 4 ans 2011 Caroni Cask Finish – 60th Anniversary LMDW 59,5%
Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 70cl This bottling, finished in a cask that previously contained Caroni rum, was produced with barley grown and malted at the Kilchoman distillery farm. It fearlessly and entirely appropriates all the aromas and flavours of this famous and rare Trinidad and Tobago rum in order to really bring out its profoundly malty, peaty, smoky, salty and mineral character. On the finish this 100% Islay Kilchoman shows stunning presence and elegance. Profile: full and unctuous, the nose reveals a peat of extreme finesse burgeoning with salty, fruity (pear) and exotic aromas. A note of petrol highlights the influence of the Caroni. The palate centres more on the rum and its notes of hydrocarbon. The peat and smoke gradually resurface. Single Cask no. 754/11 – Caroni Rum finish Limited edition of 300 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
07/04/17 REDBREAST 12 ans Single Pot Still Cask Strength 58,6%

Single Pot Still, Irlande / Cork County 70cl

Redbreast 12 Years Old Cask Strength Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is non-chill filtered aged in fine oak cask barrels. Produced by the Midleton distillery and bottled by Irish Distillers. 97 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible. Aroma Loads of dried fruits; figs, dates banana and vanilla with hints of oak and barley. Taste Round with deep notes of dried fruits, citrus and spices followed by toasted oak and barley. Finish Long and rich with a sweet butterscotch finale.
29/03/17 DICTADOR 20 YEAR OLD 40%

Gin, Columbia 70cl Ref: 4428

Dictador 20 year old is a blend of different styles of rum that are aged, like sherry, in a solera. Richer, finer and more complex than its younger 12 year old brother, it is marked by heady roasted notes with dried and exotic fruit undertones.
02/03/17 AMRUT Indian Single Malt 46%

AMRUT Indian Single Malt 46%


Single Malt, India / Bangalore 70cl Ref: 905

An absolute revelation, Amrut single malt is beyond any doubt the most outstanding Indian whisky. A big whisky-consuming country, this subcontinent is also one of the world’s major producers. However, Amrut is the only whisky with the qualities required to be sold in Europe. Founded in 1948, a few months after India’s independence, this company based in Bangalore in southern India began to produce whisky according to the Scottish model. Unique in the world of single malts, the warehouse which contains mainly bourbon barrels acts as an “age-accelerator” thanks to its location (approx. 1,000 metres above sea level) and the tropical climate. Made from Punjabi malted barley, this single malt, characterised by spices and ripe fruit, is matured in casks previously used for bourbon. Style: Spicy and gourmand. Nose: Complex and rich. Ripe fruit. Palate: Smooth. Malted barley. Honey and spices. Finish: Long. Tobacco and pine resin. Torrefaction.  
06/02/17 CHRISTIAN DROUIN Distilled Gin 42%

Gin, France / Normandie 70cl Ref: 5686

This gin is in fact a cider apple eau-de-vie from Normandy in which juniper berries, ginger, vanilla, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals and almonds have been macerated. Remarkably well-balanced, it simultaneously reveals finesse and incredible aromatic precision. Proud of its Normandy roots, the nose opens with wafts of apple. Little by little, it becomes liquorice-inspired, herbaceous (juniper) and peppery. Full of energy, the opening on the palate is floral (apple blossom) and fruity (raspberry, blackcurrants). The back of the palate offers freshly cut quarters of apple and a voluptuous nose (apple tart, quince jelly). Small Batch of 2850 bottles
03/02/17 BEN NEVIS 31 years old 1984 Single Cask – 60th Anniversary LMDW 56,4%

Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands 70cl Ref: 51683

Aged for 13 years in first-fill bourbon casks before being matured for 18 years in oloroso sherry casks, this Ben Nevis was distilled in 1984 and has managed to retain all of its youthful insouciance while displaying a spectacularly beautiful maturity. Sumptuous aromas of rose, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lavender, lily, iris (concentrate), lime blossom and violets form the backbone through which all of its aromatic and gustatory facets gradually emerge, resulting in a total freedom of tone. Profile: refined, sleek. Delicately floral (roses), the nose becomes roasted (coffee) and herbaceous. Heady (honeysuckle). The palate is floral and fruity (Mirabelle plum), with a dusting of cocoa. Refreshing note of lime blossom. The finish evokes a rum baba and various infusions (camomile). Single Cask n° 983502 – Sherry Finish Limited edition of 601 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 AN CNOC 2005 Peated – 60th Anniversary LMDW 58%

AN CNOC 2005 Peated - 60th Anniversary LMDW 58% Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands 70cl Ref: 51507

Though the distillery has kept its original name of Knockdhu, the single malt it produces was renamed An Cnoc in 1993. Distilled from peated barley, this 2005 bottling wonderfully illustrates the powerful and firm style of this uncompromising Speyside that never rests on its laurels. Without being austere, this version is focused on its favourite subject, malted barley, dressing it in medicinal, earthy, spicy - almost hot - and even fruity nuances. Profile: malty and earthy, the nose becomes fruity (apple), spicy (black pepper) and lemony. The palate is fruity with notes of honey and vanilla. White fruit. The earthiness gradually becomes peaty at the end of the palate. It becomes delicately mentholated. Single Cask no. 427 – Bourbon Barrel Limited edition of 210 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 UITVLUGT 1999 TCRL 46%

Rum, British Guiana 70cl Ref: 52179

The Uitvlugt distillery, equipped with a four-column Savalle still, had once housed stills from the Albion, Blairmont, Port Mourant and Skeldon distilleries before it closed its doors for good in 2000. All of the stills were then transferred to the Diamond distillery. With a cane flower minerality, through its fruitiness emphasised by enthralling purity of expression and its herbaceous and vanilla-scented notes, this version bottled at cask strength is evocative of an Irish pure pot still made from malted and unmalted barley. Profile: precise and mineral, the nose is lactic (agave), lemony and spicy. Breathtakingly beautiful, the palate is evocative of a thoroughbred Irish whiskey. Exotic, fresh and vanilla-inspired, upon airing it becomes increasingly creamy and gourmand. Limited edition of 527 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 GLENDRONACH 24 years old 1992 Sherry Butt – 60th Anniversary LMDW 56,6%

Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: 52007

A nose that instantly reveals all, a palate that takes time to open up, and a loud, triumphant finish. This version is full of character to say the least, showing tremendous personality right up to the empty glass. There’s no question who’s the boss in this tasting session. So why fight it? Sit back and enjoy the ride. Let yourself be transported down winding paths packed full of treasures. Glendronach in all its splendour! Profile: distinguished, the nose offers up a magnificent rancio with red fruit (redcurrant, raspberry). Develops with citrus fruit (cumin) and truffles. The attack is very punchy. Notes of melon, pear, heady florals and exotic fruits. The finish reveals toasted walnuts and rhubarb. Single Cask no. 102 – Serry Butt Limited edition of 604 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 REDBREAST 25 years old 1991 60th Anniversary LMDW 53%

Single Pot Still, Irlande / Cork County 70cl Ref: 51506

On the nose, with notes of prune rising from the glass, this pure pot still whiskey from the Midleton distillery eludes immediately to a Bas-Armagnac. On the palate, notes of exotic fruits and varnish lead us confidently back to Irish soil. With time this dichotomy fades and these two intrinsically different worlds find common ground steered by charm, harmony, smoothness, classicism and freshness. Single cask no. 42972 – First Fill Sherry Limited edition of 540 bottles Exclusive to LMDW



Particularly smoky, The Peat Monster stays true to its island roots and is mainly composed of Islay malts from Port Askaig, characterised by their smoky elegance, and malts from the south of the isle which have a very earthy and medicinal character. Speys
Compass Box

Style: Lively and concentrated. Nose: Citrus fruit and pear. Smoky and marine. Palate: Peat and spice. Finish: Long. Notes of cold ash.

Blended Malt, Scotland 70cl Ref: 13073



Adopting the famous periodic table of ele – ments, The Elements of Islay range is com – posed exclusively of cask strength bottlings. While this BR6 invites us to discover a more peaty Bruichladdich than we’re used to, it is also a fantastic expression of this single malt’s trademark finesse, minerality and salinity.
Element of Islay

Profile: characterised by citrus fruit (lemon) and wild flowers (daisy, dandelion). Mineral (chalk), fruity (pear, apple, Lorraine Mirabelle plum), medicinal (balm, iodine tincture) and malty

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 50cl Ref: 19807



Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: 15349

We have a weakness for this lightly peated Speyside, inspired by the style of the single malts produced in this region before the Second World War. Launched in September 2009 by the Urquhart family, the owners of the distillery and Gordon & MacPhail, it has the finesse and fruitiness of the Speyside single malts combined with the smoky notes of an Islay. Exclusively imported and distributed on the French market by La Maison du Whisky, there is nothing in Scotland that really compares to this very seductive single malt, with its rich aromatic palette and range of flavours.

Sourcing its water from the neighbouring Romach hills, this single malt is the result of a blend of bourbon and sherry casks. The blend then rests for twelve months in oloroso sherry casks, of which only Gordon & MacPhail know the secret. A peated version worthy of a southern Islay.

KILCHOMAN Machir Bay 46%


We consider the latest batch of MACHIR BAY to be the finest. Less dry than the previous version, it features greater maturity and balance. A slightly bitter finish drawing on cold tobacco, which we didn’t find displeasing, has been given a more liquorice feel. The marine freshness has been preserved. An Islay turned classic that has been exclusively distributed on the French market and in most European countries by La Maison du Whisky since this farmhouse distillery was founded in 2005. The 2013 version of Kilchoman Machir Bay is a single malt full of character, characterised by notes of ash and smoke, candied citrus fruits, earth, malted barley and pepper.

Style: Smoky and elegant. Nose: Mellow and harmonious. Stewed fruits. Aromas of peat. Palate: Full-bodied. Notes of fruit and vanilla. Finish: Long and persistent, with notes characteristic of Islay whiskies.

KILCHOMAN Machir Bay 46%
Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 70cl Ref: 17442

ELEMENTS OF ISLAY Peat Pure Islay 45%


With the Elements of Islay range, Speciality Drinks exquisitely illustrate the gustative palette of Islay’s iconic distilleries. Seeing the success of the permanent edition Peat Full Proof, Speciality Drinks is introducing a an ongoing bottling named Elements of Islay Peat Pure Islay, bottled at 45 % ABV. An elegant and mellow blended malt offering a sweet alternative to the bold malts already available in the range. Orange zests, Lapsang Souchong tea notes and dark chocolate, the promise is fulfilled.

Style: delicate and generous

ELEMENTS OF ISLAY Peat Pure Islay 45%
Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 50cl Ref: 52321



Bottled by Speciality Drinks, this cask strength version, both oily and smoky, proves to be increasingly peaty as the tasting progresses. With notes of cranberry and a sweet finish, it evokes the style of a well-known distillery whose name starts with a C and ends on an A.
Singantory Vintage

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 70cl Ref: 19027

LEDAIG 2004 Over 10 Years 5th Edition S.V 60,4%


The Ledaigs of the early 1970s enjoyed a phenomenal reputation. Aged in sherry barrels, this version is a worthy heir. Stunning in its animal and medicinal peat (Grisons beef, bacon, camphor), it also offers an incredible expression of finesse. With a natural wildness, it is also extremely delicate.Taking the art of paradox to its core, it is the perfect opportunity for the Isle of Mull distillery to make a triumphant entry in the Maison du Whisky’s Artist range. Outstanding.
Singantory Vintage

Single Cask #900179 – Sherry Butt Limited edition of 588 bottles – LMDW world exclusive Profile: very mineral (slate, manganese) and equally medicinal (camphor) and peaty. Initially herbaceous (cut hay, sage), before becoming exotic

LEDAIG 2004 Over 10 Years 5th Edition S.V 60,4%
Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands-Mull 70cl Ref: 19620

CAOL ILA 2007 40%


This Caol Ila 2007 was bottled in 2013 exclusively for La Maison du Whisky by independent bottlers Gordon & MacPhail.
Caol Ila
CAOL ILA 2007 40%
Single Malt, Scotland / Islay 70cl Ref: 19341

BENROMACH Peat Smoke 46%


Matured in first-fill bourbon casks, Benromach Peat Smoke could be mistaken for a famous single malt from the Isle of Islay. Unveils intense notes of smoke and fruit, with barley malted to 67ppm.

Style: Smoky and fruity

BENROMACH Peat Smoke 46%
Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: 17216

CHASE English Potato Vodka 40%


CHASE English Potato Vodka 40%
Vodka, England / West Midlands 70cl

This potato vodka boasts wonderful length on the palate and is incredibly rich and complex. Amateur mixologists will be thrilled with how flexible this vodka is in creating cocktails.



WILLIAMS Extra Dry Gin 40%


Gin, England / West Midlands 70cl

Christened simply as a ‘dry gin’, its opening nose sets the tone for things to come. It lays all of its cards on the table, hinting at its upcoming remarkable freshness, waves of spices, exuberant fruit, and mouth-watering bitterness. Chase Dry is a joy t

Profile: full-bodied. Orange zest, freshly harvested herbs, fresh mint and apricot.

WHISKY DE TABLE 3 years old Blended Malt – 60th Anniversary LMDW 40%


To create his ‘Whisky de Table’, John Glaser first travelled to Kentucky to select barrels directly from the Buffalo Trace distillery, bringing them back to Scotland and using them to age new make spirits from four of his favourite distilleries. After just three years of maturation, a series of tests resulted in this blended malt to be enjoyed among friends in the same way one might share a traditional table wine. Slightly smoked, the ‘Whisky de Table’ perfectly embodies the Compass Box philosophy, in that it breaks all the tasting rules. But be warned: behind the accessible appearance of this new masterpiece, designed in celebration of La Maison du Whisky’s 60th anniversary, hides layer after layer of olfactory and gustatory surprises, for each to discover in his or her own way.

Profile: Fresh and refined, the nose is herbaceous and slightly smoky. It fills out with notes of lemon and vanilla. As it opens up, it becomes floral and spicy. The palate is fruity (pear, melon) and oily. Very harmonious, it becomes increasingly heady. The finish is spring-like and fruity (strawberry).


  • Appearance : very pale gold with glints of green.
  • Nose : refreshing, refined. Notes of freshly cut grass and smoke take centre stage in the nose, equally characterised by lemony and vanilla-scented notes. It becomes aniseed and mentholated upon airing. The smoke is left to linger at the bottom of the aromatic palette like a signature. The more it opens up, the more it gains in complexity, becoming floral and spicy.
  • Palate : generous, smooth. The attack on the palate is incredibly refreshing, simultaneously milky (almond), oily (walnut), herbaceous (chlorophyll) and fruity (pear, melon). The mid-palate is spiced (star anise), with a subtle hint of liquorice and chocolate. The overall effect is one of intense cohesiveness. It then gradually becomes headier and warmer.
  • Overall : smooth, well-balanced. This spring-like concoction is evocative of a field of barley gently swaying in a refreshing breeze. Infused with a gentle, malted mellowness, a delicately fruity side emerges (raspberry, strawberry). The retro-nasal olfaction is characterised by notes of undergrowth (moss, lichen). The empty glass pays homage to the malted barley.

This vodka is the fruit of research carried out by both French distillers and Bolivian farmers. The quinoa used to make it is sourced from the Anapqui cooperative that brings together around 1,200 small farmers. It is a certified organic farming product. Made from quinoa, a plant that was already being farmed 5,000 years ago by the Incas, this organic-certified vodka complies with international fair trade standards.

NEW GROVE 8 YEAR OLD Old Tradition 40%


NEW GROVE 8 YEAR OLD Old Tradition 40%
Rhum De Melasse, Mauritius, 70cl, Ref: 17562

In 2005 in partnership with the Quartier Français group, Grays Distilling decided to launch its traditional old rum on the market. Christened New Grove, this rum is aged in Limousin oak barrels. This rum from the Mauritius has been made by Grays since 2005.

Style: Rich, mellow. Nose: Apple compote, orange jam, red berries and exotic fruits. Palate: Vanilla, pepper. Finish: Long, roasted. Profile: precise. A beautiful woody note, fresh fruits (apricot, peach, pineapple, mango). Slightly oxidative (fruity).

17/01/17 NEW GROVE Plantation Rum 40%
NEW GROVE Plantation Rum 40% Rhum De Melasse, Mauritius, 70cl, Ref: 17560
New Grove Plantation Rum is a traditional white rum (in other words, produced from a base of molasses rather than freshly pressed sugarcane juice). It is produced on the island of Mauritius. Mellow and floral, it is characterised by notes of fruit (mango). Profile: Mellow. Floral, fruity (mango, citrus fruit, apricot). Spicy (pepper).

DICTADOR Premium Colombian Aged Gin Treasure 43%


DICTADOR Premium Colombian Aged Gin Treasure 43%
Distilled Gin, Columbia, 70cl

En 1751, Severo Arango y Ferro débarque à Cartagena de Indias, ville portuaire de Colombie, afin de développer le commerce. Homme de pouvoir, il fut rapidement baptisé le Dictador. En 1913, Don Angel Nùnèz décide d’y implanter son commerce et d’y fonder sa distillerie, Destileria Colombiana. Pendant 40 ans,  il va ainsi produire et distribuer localement ses vins et spiritueux. A sa mort, la famille reprend le flambeau. A la vieille du XXIème siècle, la distillerie est incorporée à un groupement plus important lui permettant de rayonner sur toute la zone Caraïbe et de bénéficier de nouveaux débouches pour ses rhums.

Produced by a rum distillery in Columbia, Dictador Colombian Aged Gin Orthodoxy is aged in rum barrels. Mellow and rounded, it is characterised by notes of lemon tart, juicy fruit (pear and peach) and heady florals.

VESTAL Potato 40%


VESTAL Potato 40%
Vodka, Poland / Mazovie 70cl Ref: 455

Produced artisanally, Vesta is a potato-based vodka that places the notion of terroir at the heart of the production process. In this way the Borrell family, John and his son William, have successfully revived the traditional distillation of vodka in Poland based on a single distillation. The results are convincing, with remarkable variation from one year to the next and one terroir to another.

Vestal is a potato vodka made from a blend of different locally-grown varieties. Refreshing and mellow, it is ever so slightly sweet with refined spiced notes of black pepper, mashed potato and Brazil nuts.





The Kyoto Distillery, founded in 2015, has just released its very first product titled KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin. The name KI NO BI (季の美) translates to “The beauty of the seasons.” It’s a fitting name for Kyoto’s first artisan gin. Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital, is renowned for its natural beauty, cultural traditions, and a long history of artisan crafts such as pottery, kimono fabric, and the brewing of sake.


KI NO BI is made from a rice-based spirit and high-quality local botanicals from Kyoto and other parts of Japan. Key ingredients that give KI NO BI its “Japanese accent” include yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), green tea from Uji, ginger root, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), shiso leaves, bamboo, and sansho berries (Japanese peppercorn). Water from Fushimi in southern Kyoto City, famous for its purity and the brewing of sake, is used to cut this spirit down to a bottling strength of 45.7%.



KYRO Napue Gin
46.3%, 50cl – Gin, Finland

Legend has it that the Finnish find inspiration while taking a sauna. And this is precisely where the idea for the Kyrö distillery germinated in 2012.

Kyrö was born of the desire to acquire a disused factory that used to produce the most popular cheese in Finland but had been closed for five years. After two years of red tape, Rye Rye finally came into existence in 2014. As its name suggests, rye is showcased here. All of the ingredients used by Kyrö distillery are produced locally.

Gin Monkey 47


Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is composed of 47 botanicals among which cranberries are immediately apparent on the nose, along with fresh notes of eucalyptus and pine. A clean, vibrant palate with lime zest and a prominent berried note is complimented with wild herbs and a subdued juniper presence; this is a wonderfully aromatic gin for G&T lovers!
Awards: Gold medal, IWSC London 2011

monkey 47

In 2008, Alexander Stein created the Black Forest Distillery with the intention to produce the best gin in the world. Baptized Monkey 47 in tribute to British Commander Montgomery, himself a gin producer in the Black Forest in the Fifties, it is made in small batches (1250 litters) and is distilled in small stills heated through vapour.

47%, 50cl – London Dry Gin



TEELING Single Malt
46%, 70cl – Single Malt, Ireland

Teeling is an independent Irish whiskey company dedicated to bringing choice and breadth back to the Irish whiskey category through small batch releases of interesting and flavoursome bottlings.

Their goal is to revive the independent spirit of Dublin.
All Teeling whiskeys are bottled at 46% with no chill filtration, allowing for all the natural flavours of the whiskey to be retained.

AMRUT Fusion


AMRUT Fusion
50%, 70cl – Single Malt, India / Bangalore

Produced almost exclusively from barley grown in the fertile plains at the foot of the Himalayas, in order to retain its natural characteristics at bottling Amrut is still not chill filtered. This whisky is similar to Speyside whiskies, fruity on the palate with hints of spice and chocolate which are typical to ageing in casks previously used for bourbon. Proud of its success, the distillery now offers small batches with a natural alcohol content of over 60% to focus greater attention on the finesse and unique character of this single malt. A Peated version, made with Scottish malted barley, has been available for some years, paying testament to its unique expertise.



KAVALAN Solist Sherry
57,8%, 70cl – Single Malt, Taiwan

The Kavalan distillery is named after an ancient tribe that used to the live in the region, in the north-west part of the island of Taiwan. Founded by the King Car Group, Kavalan did not hesitate to call on the services of the best experts in the industry, declaring their intention from the outset to make a whisky of exceptional quality. It was thus with the help of Jim Swann that the distillery produced the first drops of its new-make on 11 March 2006 and brought its first whisky to the market in December 2008. By selecting the best barrels, Kavalan managed to produce a range of single casks (sherry, bourbon and port) in 2009, only three years after it began production, and has already won numerous medals at a variety of international competitions.

Buffalo Trace


Buffalo Trace, the emblematic bourbon from the distillery of the same name, is a classical American whiskey. Created in 1999, this Kentucky Straight bourbon, produced from a mash bill of maize (80%), rye (10%) and barley (10%), is a blend of some thirty barrels of the distillery’s new make spirit aged between 8 and 12 years old. For a long time almost impossible to find outside the United States, it is now finally available in Europe, in a new version bottled at 40% (instead of 45% in America).
Port Askaig

40%, 70cl – Straight Bourbon, United States / Kentucky

Dry Fly


This young micro-distillery founded in 2007 by Don Poffenroth and Kent Fleischmann in the heart of the state of Washington is called Dry Fly, a reference to fly fishing. All the raw materials used in the production of the whiskies, vodka and gin are locally sourced. The distillery’s efforts are regularly rewarded at national competitions and tastings.
Port Askaig

DRY FLY Bourbon 101
50.5%, 70cl – Straight Bourbon, United States / Washington



The Sonoma County Distilling Company is a distillery founded in 2010 in the heart of Sonoma County tasked with producing high quality whiskeys for the discerning whiskey drinker. Grain to Glass is our focus – every level of the production is handled in-house, including the mashing and fermentation of grains, direct-fired alembic pot distillation, barrel ageing, and packaging. Through hard work, time-honoured techniques, and our ideal location in picturesque Sonoma County, we are California’s premier whiskey distillery.
Port Askaig

48%, 70cl – Straight Rye, United States / California



BLANTON’S Special Reserve
40%, 70cl – Straight Bourbon, United States / Kentucky

In 1983, Blanton’s was the first bourbon to be released as a single cask bottling, revolutionising American whiskey in the process. It is produced in the Buffalo Trace distillery in the heart of Kentucky. This straight bourbon is named after Colonel Blanton who ran the distillery from 1912 to 1953. Inspired by his predecessor, Blanton’s creator took advantage of the end of cask rotation, and decided to allow each cask to express its own unique flavour profile. This is why Blanton’s different expressions are able to offer a succulent and precise range of cereal, spice, candied fruit, citrus fruit and floral notes.


Compass Box


46%, 70cl – Blended Malt, Scotland

Compass Box is unique in the world of whisky. Founded just over ten years ago, it is a small independent company specialising in the blending of whiskies bought from the main whisky producers. Compass Box has made this its speciality, becoming the master in its fields of blended malts, blended grains and blended whisky, with each category represented in its portfolio. It is also a company with a genuine philosophy, elevating blending to a worthy, noble task, distancing itself from its industrial image and reasserting the value of its craft as a ‘whiskymaker’.




46%, 70cl – Single Malt, Scotland / Islay

The first distillery built on the Isle of Islay for over a century, Kilchoman celebrated its third birthday in September 2009, with its new spirit finally reaching the age required for it to be legally called a single malt. Built using the model of a “farmhouse-distillery”, Kilchoman makes a point of distilling its new spirit from barley grown on its own land. Some 100 tonnes are harvested and malted at the distillery, providing 30% of their needs. The rest comes from the maltings at Port Ellen. Its first barrel of new make spirit was filled in 2005. 




Produced from buckwheat (the famous saracen), whiskies from the Eddu brand are unique and stand out from other whiskies for their taste that is like no other. Rounder, less full-bodied and lighter, the different Eddu whiskies are all marked by floral, fruity, spicy and nutty notes. Distilled twice in Charente stills, aged in casks from Cognac and the forest of Brocéliande, and gently reduced over many years in casks, these eaux de vie are produced using a combination of French and Scottish techniques. These whiskies are extremely innovative and at the same time remain faithful to ancient Breton traditions.
Port Askaig

EDDU Silver
40%, 70cl – Pure Buckwheat, France / Brittany



ARMORIK Double Maturation
46%, 70cl – Single Malt, France / Brittany

For more than a century this family distillery has produced spirits whose reputation extends beyond Armorican borders, combining innovation and expertise. In 1987, Warenghem began producing the first French single malt: Armorik was born. A genuine symbol of the distillery’s values, Armorik showcases both the quality of its expertise and its love of the Breton terroir: not only are the single malts all aged in Brittany but they also often contain salty notes as well as notes of salted caramel and cooked apples that recall the culinary heritage and traditional alcohol production of the area. These single malts are made from both malted and unmalted barley. A sign of recognised expertise, in February 2014, Warenghem won the gold medal at the “Concours Général Agricole” for their Armorik Classic.



Redbreast is one of the top Single Pot Still Irish Whiskeys. Each of its bottles is the expression of a perfect mastery of a centuries-old procedure. Produced exclusively at the Midleton distillery, this Irish whiskey respects the three fundamental principles of production: a must created from malted and unmalted barley; triple distillation in copper pot stills; and maturation in first-fill ex-sherry casks and ex-bourbon casks. In 2013, its newest whisky was released, the Redbreast 21 Year Old, embodying the Redbreast style more than ever before and adding the finishing touches to a range that already includes a 12 year old, a cask strength 12 year old and a 15 year old
Port Askaig

REDBREAST 12 ans Single Pot Still
40%, 70cl – Single Pot Still, Ireland / County Cork

Run Nation


The Rum Nation range is the result of years of research and tasting. Launched in 1999, this range has a distinctly Latino style with rums from unusual countries such as Panama and Guatemala. Each release is carefully bottled at between 40 and 45% ABV, to combine balance, mellowness, texture and flavour. Fabio Rossi wanted to introduce fine spirits enthusiasts to new products from the Caribbean and Latin America, and was one of the first to explore the rums of Peru and Panama. The product of a three-hundred-year-old tradition, each rum has a flavour and a personality that offers a unique expression of its region and origins.
Port Askaig

70cl – Rum, British Guiana / Demerara-Mahaica

Chalong Bay


40%, 70cl -Rum, Thailand

Chalong Bay Rum prides itself in producing 100% natural rum using only ‘best-of-crop’ Thai sugarcane and centuries old French distillation methods. Chalong Bay Rum produces exquisite rum, filled with fruity aromas for that extra smooth tropical taste – the true spirit of Phuket.



Founded at the end of the 19th century on Marie-Galante, the ‘island with a hundred windmills’, the Bielle distillery upholds a tradition of producing agricultural rum from pure sugarcane juice, and has gradually evolved with successive proprietors. It is located on the ‘Bielle’ section of a plateau at an altitude of 110 metres. Respectful of the environment, the Bielle distillery has adopted an ecological approach that uses a natural process of evaporation through plants.
Port Askaig

59%, 50cl – Rum, France / Marie Galante



The smallest distillery on Martinique, Neisson resembles a complex kaleidoscope of green and pink houses, as if they were trying to imitate the luscious surrounding vegetation. Since 1931, three generations have succeeded one after the other at the head of the distillery, preserving the skills and expertise of the greatest Martinique tradition. Grégory Vernant-Neisson, in his early forties and currently at the head of the distillery, describes their Martinique Agricultural Rum AOC: “The most important thing to understand about Martinique rum from is that it’s produced directly from sugar cane juice, and not molasses.” Behind the Neisson philosophy lies a great respect for the value of the land and its properties. Because Martinique, with its volcanic soil and climate (particularly in the north of the island where the distillery is located) has a particularly strong influence on the aromatic palette of Neisson Rums and their unique flavours.
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NEISSON Le Rhum par Neisson
52.5%, 70cl – Rum, France / Martinique

Santa Teresa


Santa Teresa is a light rum. Its production begins with the fermentation of molasses, either in batches (between one and two days) or through continuous fermentation over 15 hours (a process co-developed with Bacardi), giving it a must that is four times more pure. These different musts can be distilled in column stills to obtain a spirit with only the desired congeners, or in pot stills using artisan distillation methods. Ageing is carried out in vats of up to 18,000 litres or using the solera method. Recognised internationally for its quality and originality, “Ron de Vénézuela” has become one of the top ACs in the world of rum.
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40%, 70cl – Rhum, Venezuela



Traditional Haiti ! These highly artisanal eaux-de-vie, similar to white agricole rums, have long been the most popular drink in the remotest, poorest regions of Haiti. Bottled at natural strength, these three bottlings come from three different distilleries but have aspects in common: pure, well balanced alcohols capable of evolving interestingly and expressively in the glass. The Brazilian have cachaça, the Haitian have clairin!
Port Askaig

CLAIRIN 2015 Casimir
53,4%, 70cl – Rum, Haiti

Hellyers Road


The largest micro-distillery in Australia (producing 100,000 litres per year), Hellyers Road was founded in 1997. Located on the island of Tasmania, which is known more for its wines, salmon and lush green landscapes, the distillery owes its existence to a passion for whisky shared by the owner of a milk cooperative and a professional distiller: together they decided to create a new “milk”, which was malted and in a rather more Scottish style! Distilled for the first time in 1999, the quality of the whisky was quickly appreciated by connoisseurs, and is now one of the islands best exports, and among Australia’s most well-known whiskies.
Port Askaig

46.2%, 70cl – Single Malt, Australia / Tasmanie



Located in the province of Gästrikland, the Mackmyra distillery first opened its doors in 1999. Unique in more than one respect, Mackmyra was the first distillery in Sweden to produce whisky. It produces single malts produced from Swedish barley and sources its water from an underground spring fed by the hills of Valboåsen. While part of its whisky stock is left to mature in 100 litre casks, the Mackmyra distillery also uses first-fill ex-bourbon barrels that, once filled, are stocked in a warehouse 50 metres underground in the “Bodäs” mine. It also uses new Swedish oak casks from a forest located on the island of Visingsö, planted over 160 years ago to provide a source of wood for the construction of military navy boats.
Port Askaig

MACKMYRA Bruks Whisky
41.4%, 70cl – Single Malt, Sweden / Gavleborg County



Acquired by the Japanese group Nikka in 1989, the Ben Nevis distillery was, under the ownership of Joseph W.Hobbs in 1955, one of the only distilleries in Scotland to have its own traditional pot stills and a Coffey-style column still. Bought by Long John Distillers in 1981, the Coffey stills were subsequently dismantled. Although the majority of its whisky is aged in ex-sherry casks, some ex-bourbon cask bottlings have recently appeared on the independent market. It’s worth noting that the distillery was mothballed for six years at the end of the 1970s, and then again in 1984 and from 1986 to 1989.
Port Askaig

BEN NEVIS Traditional Malt 46%
46%, 70cl – Single Malt, Ecosse / Highlands