21/02/18 KILCHOMAN Sherry Single Cask Trilogy Of

KILCHOMAN Sherry Single Cask Trilogy Of

Single Malt, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 19606

Although the sherry just about gains the upper hand over the peat and smoke in the finish, it is only with a view to prolonging the intense pleasure experienced in tasting this Kilchoman aged in sherry casks. Whether in the nose or on the palate, the notes inherent to sherry and those accumulated through smoked mal - ted barley are so deeply embedded here it is impossible to tell them apart. This beautiful weaving of scents and tastes creates a complex, deep, sparkling and remarkably well-balanced single malt. Single Cask #189 - Sherry Butt Limited edition of 642 bottles – LMDW world exclusive Profile: dominated by peat, but this does not exclude the presence of ripe (Mirabelle plum, quince) and exotic (pineapple, kiwi) fruit.
21/02/18 KAVALAN Ex-Sherry Oak Of 46%

KAVALAN Ex-Sherry Oak 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Taiwan / Yilan County, 70cl, Ref: 17702

Matured in sherry barrels with spicy and elegant notes, it has retained all of the essential olfactory and gustatory characteristics of the sherry version from the Solist range. Rich and ample, it opens up onto notes of dried fruit and walnut. It offers a Profile: fine wood dust. Dried fruit (apricot and date). Rancio red fruits (raspberry, redcurrant). Spices (curry, star anise, cardamom). Floral (honeysuckle and lime blossom). Dark chocolate, very ripe mangos, grilled walnuts. Style: Rich and complex
21/02/18 MORTLACH 2008 S.V 60,8%

MORTLACH 2008 S.V 60,8%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 51969B

Founded in 1823, Mortlach was one of the few distilleries permitted to produce spirits during World War II. Using partial triple distillation, it is equipped with traditional condensers called “worm tubes”. A subtle blend of finesse and power, this bottling shows wonderful maturity despite its young age. A real gem, it overflows with all the ingredients that make this single malt considered one of the best in Speyside. Profile: powerful, spicy, exotic and vanilla-scented, the nose is also honeyed and herbaceous. A hint of oily peat makes an appearance. Reminiscent of a white Burgundy. Brimming with life and energy, the palate is hot and spicy. Juicy fruit and hay pave the way for a subtly peaty finish. Single Cask no. 800054 – Bourbon Barrel Limited edition of 249 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 CARONI 21 year old 57,18%

CARONI 21 year old 57,18%

Rhum De Melasse, Trinidad & Tobago, 70cl, Ref: 53117

Founded in 1923, in the heart of the Caroni’s sugarcane plantations, this famed Trinidad distillery was renowned throughout the world for producing one of the very best Heavy Rums, receiving high praise from the British Navy. In 2003, with the closing of the nearby state-owned sugar refinery, Trinidad sugarcane production ceased and the distillery was inevitably shut down shortly after. Caroni 21 years old contains rum from the 1996 vintage, distilled and matured for twenty-one years on the island. The tropical conditions result in a 86% loss of the distilled spirit due to evaporation: the angel’s share. To perfectly capture the unique Heavy Rum character of this closed distillery, Caroni 21 years old has been bottled at 57,18%. Furthermore, the label is a reproduction of an original from 1940, chosen to commemorate the golden age of Trinidad Rum.
21/02/18 ARDBEG Uigeadail 54,2%

ARDBEG Uigeadail 54,2%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 8482

This strong Ardbeg (54.2%) was elected “best single malt in the world in 2009” by Jim Murray, author of The Whisky Bible. Uigeadail is the name of the spring that supplies Ardbeg with its precious water. Uigeadail is also a subtle blend of 10 and 13 year
21/02/18 ARDBEG Corryvreckan 57,1%

ARDBEG Corryvreckan 57,1%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 15331

Located between the islands of Jura and Scarba, “Coirebhreacain”, which means “cauldron of the speckled seas” in Shakespearean language, is the third largest whirlpool in the world. Behind its abstruse name lies an Ardbeg which explores every aspect of th Style: Very peaty Profile: Smoky, iodine, malty. Maître Tseng: evokes a lightly smoky red tea from the Fujian province, Song Yan, with its flavours of dried fruit (longan) and noble wood. Jacques Génin: a honeydew melon paste for a return to the soil.
21/02/18 ARDBEG 10 ans Ten Warehouse Of 46%

ARDBEG 10 Y Ten Warehouse Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 53714

The peatiest of the Islay single malts in an official, young, non-chill filtered version that stays true to tradition. A golden shade with glints of green, a smoky nose characterised by notes of tobacco. Fresh and oily on the palate with a very smoky, malted and iodised aspect. A long, salty finish marks a return to the peat.
21/02/18 GLENLIVET 2007 COLLECTIVE 48%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 53832

A vatting of five casks, this bottling pays tribute to the first distillery to obtain an official licence in 1824, whose single malt is highly renowned throughout the world. On an aromatic front, the way it expresses the best of the sherry cask maturation, and on a flavour front, the tact with which it momentarily hands over to malted barley before leaving to conquer particularly fertile Andalusian lands with even more lyricism are moments of pure pleasure. Profile: the rich initial nose sees sherry leave its fruity (apricot) and honeyed (lime blossom) signature on the aromatic palette. Well-balanced, it develops into salted butter caramel and plants (verbena). Bursting with fruit (orange, peach, date), the attack is particularly subtle. The mid-palate is then honeyed (lavender) and juicy (Mirabelle plum). The end of palate is spicy (cinnamon, ginger), vanilla and floral (lily, iris). Small Batch – Sherry Cask Limited edition of 1 676 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 LEDAIG 2010 COLLECTIVE 57,1%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands-mull, 70cl, Ref: 53833

A blend of seven casks, this skittish Ledaig simply can’t sit still. And yet it is firmly rooted in the banks of Tobermory distillery. At first, with the candour and enthusiasm of a young moss, it invites us to discover its peaty, salty, ashy and floral fragrances. Then, quickly taking note of its life lessons learned, like an experienced old sea dog it invites us to stroll through the landscapes of a gustatory palette that permanently straddles land and sea. Colour: greenish gold. Profile: the fresh initial nose offers a salty, liquorice and ashy peat. Allowed to breathe, it develops citrus fruit (lemon), heady florals (violet), malted barley and ripe fruit (pear). The well-balanced attack is milky (coconut) and generous (tarte tropézienne). Gradually the peat becomes more present and medicinal. With firmness, the finish wavers between a field of barley and a seafood platter. Small Batch – Bourbon Barrels Limited edition of 1 785 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 CLYNELISH 1996 COLLECTIVE 48%


Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 53834

Created in 1968, the new Clynelish distillery produces a single malt highly sought-after not only by master blenders but also by independent bottlers. Produced from deux casks, this bottling has all the notes of wax, sweet spice, salt, florals and fruit that represent the DNA of this North Highland malt. To top it all, a gentle hint of peat has also been added to the fold. More subjectively, it is also a great excuse to take an invigorating hike to the summit of steep cliffs. Profile: the opulent initial nose is lightly peated, before moving into beeswax and malted barley. Allowed to breathe, it becomes herbaceous, salty, floral (peony) and fruity (melon). The lively attack draws on a malty, spicy backbone to assert its honeyed, juicy character. The end of the palate brings iodine. The rich finish then offers us still-hot brioche. Small Batch – Sherry Cask Limited edition of 1 030 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
21/02/18 GUADELOUPE 2014 TCRL 43%


Rhum De Melasse, France / Guadeloupe, 70cl, Ref: 53003

This Guadeloupe is the tenth Transcontinental Rum Line. Reduced at 43%, the degree where it expresses itself the best, this rum made from molasses was distilled and aged for close to 3 years in the french archipelago. This batch enhanced its maturation for few months in Europe.
21/02/18 JAMAICA WP 2013 Navy TCRL 57%

JAMAICA WP 2013 Navy TCRL 57%

Rhum De Melasse, Jamaica, 70cl, Ref: 53001

Second of its name, this Jamaican rum was born at W.P. Distillery in 2013 in the marvelous Lluidas Vale in Jamaica. Bottled at the legendary Navy Strength (57,18%), this batch matured close to 2 years on the island and 2,5 more years under the smooth European climate.
21/02/18 BARBADOS 2012 TCRL 46%


Rhum De Melasse, Barbados, 70cl, Ref: 53854

Distilled on January 2012, this version was aged first in a tropical climate until March 2017 and then for six months in a continental climate. Through short olfactory and gustatory sketches, each more expressive than the last, it takes us to a truly inviting and original universe, where everything is a pretext for dreams, childhood memories, travel and sharing, with one golden rule: pleasure is king and the present moment for the taking. Profile: the rich initial nose is fruity, vegetal and spicy. Allowed to breathe, it becomes milky (coconut) and exotic (banana, pineapple). The whole nose is gradually covered in luxurious vegetation. The refined attack is juicy and in turn spicy. The mid-palate reinforces its exotic character. The slightly tannic finish grinds its spices into powder. A note of incense hovers above the gustatory palette. Limited edition of 4 074 bottles Exclusive to LMDW