19/12/17 CAOL ILA 18 ans Unpeated Of 59,8%

CAOL ILA 18 ans Unpeated Of 59,8%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Islay, 70cl, Ref: 54059

This unpeated version of Caol Ila has been aged for 18 years in American oak hogshead before being bottled at natural cask strength. Once a year the distillery swaps out its peated regimen to produce unpeated whisky. The results is a creamy, chocolaty single malt with a hint of smoke.
19/12/17 MOUNT GAY 2007 Last Ward

MOUNT GAY 2007 Last Ward 59%

Rhum De Melasse, Barbados, 70cl, Ref: 53121

Last Ward 2007 is distilled at the Mount Gay Rum Refinery in a triple-distillation pot still. A result of Frank Ward’s experience and creativity, it is aged in former bourbon barrels. It is the first Mount Gay in the three-hundred-year history of the distillery that is produced only by pot still and bottled Full Proof at 64% abv.
19/12/17 OLD PULTENEY 25YO AND 1983
OLD PULTENEY 25YO The Highland distillery, based at Wick in the far north of Scotland, matured the new 25-year-old expression in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels for 22 years, followed by three years in ex-oloroso Spanish oak butts. Bottled at 46% abv, Old Pulteney 25 Year Old is described as having ‘mature and fragrant flavour notes’, with ‘heavy spices and dark chocolate… rum-soaked raisins and lime honey, punctuated with clean notes of orange peel and baked apples’. ‘We’re extremely proud to launch this premium addition to our core range,’ said Karen Walker, marketing director at International Beverage, owner of Old Pulteney parent company Inver House Distillers. ‘As one of the finest single malt whiskies in the world, it embodies Wick’s spirit of endurance and the Pulteney distillery’s signature coastal style.’   OLD PULTENEY 1983 Old Pulteney 1983 Vintage was matured in ex-Bourbon American oak barrels, before an extra spell in ex-oloroso Spanish oak butts, with ‘a chocolatey aroma with undertones of stewed fruit and toffee’.  
19/12/17 ABERLOUR 13 Y First Fill Sherry Butt LMDW Cellar Book Of 58%
ABERLOUR 13 ans First Fill Sherry Butt LMDW Cellar Book Of 58%  Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Speyside, 70cl, Ref: 53560 Using neither a compass nor a ruler, this Aberlour has successfully squared a circle. That is to say, it has successfully risen to the challenge set - to be completely under the spell of the sherry without this ever overburdening the palette of flavours and aromas. To achieve this feat, it draws on a spirit that boasts rare minerality. The way the palate matches the nose and the finish naturally presents its arguments, are in this respect enlightening. Profile: the distinguished initial nose is slightly tarry and very mineral. It develops into incense, heady florals and citrus fruit. The palate is like chewing on a liquorice stick. With generous flavours, it reveals chocolate, rancio and herbaceous notes. The very natural finish is even more concentrated. Characterised by coffee and tobacco, it is extremely fruity (bramble, blackcurrant). Single Cask 34595 – First Fill Sherry Butt Limited edition of 678 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
14/12/17 WOLFBURN Small Batch 128 Of 46%

WOLFBURN Small Batch 128 Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 53580

First of the small batch whisky range from the Wolfburn’s distillery, No.128 has been matured in smaller casks from a lightly peated spirit. Offering a first proper look at a peatier Wolfburn, it has been named after the casks it is composed of - which are all drawn from warehouse No.1, stow number 28. Matured in slightly unusual 100 litre first-fill ex-bourbon casks, this limited release counts only of 6,000 bottles.
14/12/17 WOLFBURN Morven Of 46%

WOLFBURN Morven Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 53649

Morven is a heavily peated expression elaborated by the Wolfburn distillery. The original distillery would have used both coal shipped into nearby wick, and locally cut peat from the surrounding country side for it’s maltings. No original Wolfburn still exists but to be true to the old distillery and the fuel it would have had available, the new distillery has used peated malt for the last few years for just six weeks a year. The first of that spirit matures this year and will be released under the name Morven. Morven is the highest mountain in Caithness and is surrounded by impenetrable peat bogs for many miles around where you can still see today channels in the peat all around left by the peat cutters as they dug peat by hand for hundreds of years. A lightly peated whisky.
14/12/17 WOLFBURN Aurora Of 46%

WOLFBURN Aurora Of 46%

Single Malt Whisky, Scotland / Highlands, 70cl, Ref: 51730

The wolf is back! Shining all the way through, this single malt from the Wolfburn distillery is aptly named: Aurora. A combination of sherry Oloroso and quarter casks, Aurora is a rich, full bodied expression, punctuated by shiny notes. Just as right as their first release, this second edition is a testimony to the young distillery distinctive talent. Style: Full and warm
14/12/17 DOUBLE SINGLE C.Box 46%
Blended Whisky, Scotland,
70cl, Ref: 53033
With expression Compass Box brings back the Double Single, released for their 10th anniversay. This batch is a combinaison of a 19 year-old single malt whisky from the Glen Elgin distillery (72% of the recipe) aged in re-charred Bourbon Hogsheads and a single grain whisky from the Girvan distillery of a certain age (at least equal to the malt whisky) aged in re-charred Bourbon barrels. The elegantly complex, ethereal malt whisky character is balanced on a decadent cushion of rich, sweet, vanilla-tinged grain whisky character. The combination is a deeply satisfying yet versatile whisky, perfect served as an rich aperitif before a winter’s dinner, or as a rewarding post-prandial any time of year. Profile: elegant with vanilla, corn and barley.


  • Appearance : Golden straw.
  • Nose : light, smooth nose with lots of fresh vanilla, and notes of tarte tatin, caramelised fruits (apples/pears/maybe even a little bit of peach) and pastry.
  • Palate : really clean fresh flavour with more vanilla, custard, double cream flavours.
  • Overall : hint of spice/warmth with fresh, crisp apple flavours