06/02/17 CHRISTIAN DROUIN Distilled Gin 42%

Gin, France / Normandie 70cl Ref: 5686

This gin is in fact a cider apple eau-de-vie from Normandy in which juniper berries, ginger, vanilla, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals and almonds have been macerated. Remarkably well-balanced, it simultaneously reveals finesse and incredible aromatic precision. Proud of its Normandy roots, the nose opens with wafts of apple. Little by little, it becomes liquorice-inspired, herbaceous (juniper) and peppery. Full of energy, the opening on the palate is floral (apple blossom) and fruity (raspberry, blackcurrants). The back of the palate offers freshly cut quarters of apple and a voluptuous nose (apple tart, quince jelly). Small Batch of 2850 bottles
03/02/17 BEN NEVIS 31 years old 1984 Single Cask – 60th Anniversary LMDW 56,4%

Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands 70cl Ref: 51683

Aged for 13 years in first-fill bourbon casks before being matured for 18 years in oloroso sherry casks, this Ben Nevis was distilled in 1984 and has managed to retain all of its youthful insouciance while displaying a spectacularly beautiful maturity. Sumptuous aromas of rose, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lavender, lily, iris (concentrate), lime blossom and violets form the backbone through which all of its aromatic and gustatory facets gradually emerge, resulting in a total freedom of tone. Profile: refined, sleek. Delicately floral (roses), the nose becomes roasted (coffee) and herbaceous. Heady (honeysuckle). The palate is floral and fruity (Mirabelle plum), with a dusting of cocoa. Refreshing note of lime blossom. The finish evokes a rum baba and various infusions (camomile). Single Cask n° 983502 – Sherry Finish Limited edition of 601 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 AN CNOC 2005 Peated – 60th Anniversary LMDW 58%

AN CNOC 2005 Peated - 60th Anniversary LMDW 58% Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands 70cl Ref: 51507

Though the distillery has kept its original name of Knockdhu, the single malt it produces was renamed An Cnoc in 1993. Distilled from peated barley, this 2005 bottling wonderfully illustrates the powerful and firm style of this uncompromising Speyside that never rests on its laurels. Without being austere, this version is focused on its favourite subject, malted barley, dressing it in medicinal, earthy, spicy - almost hot - and even fruity nuances. Profile: malty and earthy, the nose becomes fruity (apple), spicy (black pepper) and lemony. The palate is fruity with notes of honey and vanilla. White fruit. The earthiness gradually becomes peaty at the end of the palate. It becomes delicately mentholated. Single Cask no. 427 – Bourbon Barrel Limited edition of 210 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 UITVLUGT 1999 TCRL 46%

Rum, British Guiana 70cl Ref: 52179

The Uitvlugt distillery, equipped with a four-column Savalle still, had once housed stills from the Albion, Blairmont, Port Mourant and Skeldon distilleries before it closed its doors for good in 2000. All of the stills were then transferred to the Diamond distillery. With a cane flower minerality, through its fruitiness emphasised by enthralling purity of expression and its herbaceous and vanilla-scented notes, this version bottled at cask strength is evocative of an Irish pure pot still made from malted and unmalted barley. Profile: precise and mineral, the nose is lactic (agave), lemony and spicy. Breathtakingly beautiful, the palate is evocative of a thoroughbred Irish whiskey. Exotic, fresh and vanilla-inspired, upon airing it becomes increasingly creamy and gourmand. Limited edition of 527 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 GLENDRONACH 24 years old 1992 Sherry Butt – 60th Anniversary LMDW 56,6%

Single Malt, Scotland / Speyside 70cl Ref: 52007

A nose that instantly reveals all, a palate that takes time to open up, and a loud, triumphant finish. This version is full of character to say the least, showing tremendous personality right up to the empty glass. There’s no question who’s the boss in this tasting session. So why fight it? Sit back and enjoy the ride. Let yourself be transported down winding paths packed full of treasures. Glendronach in all its splendour! Profile: distinguished, the nose offers up a magnificent rancio with red fruit (redcurrant, raspberry). Develops with citrus fruit (cumin) and truffles. The attack is very punchy. Notes of melon, pear, heady florals and exotic fruits. The finish reveals toasted walnuts and rhubarb. Single Cask no. 102 – Serry Butt Limited edition of 604 bottles Exclusive to LMDW
03/02/17 REDBREAST 25 years old 1991 60th Anniversary LMDW 53%

Single Pot Still, Irlande / Cork County 70cl Ref: 51506

On the nose, with notes of prune rising from the glass, this pure pot still whiskey from the Midleton distillery eludes immediately to a Bas-Armagnac. On the palate, notes of exotic fruits and varnish lead us confidently back to Irish soil. With time this dichotomy fades and these two intrinsically different worlds find common ground steered by charm, harmony, smoothness, classicism and freshness. Single cask no. 42972 – First Fill Sherry Limited edition of 540 bottles Exclusive to LMDW