KYRO Napue Gin
46.3%, 50cl – Gin, Finland

Legend has it that the Finnish find inspiration while taking a sauna. And this is precisely where the idea for the Kyrö distillery germinated in 2012.

Kyrö was born of the desire to acquire a disused factory that used to produce the most popular cheese in Finland but had been closed for five years. After two years of red tape, Rye Rye finally came into existence in 2014. As its name suggests, rye is showcased here. All of the ingredients used by Kyrö distillery are produced locally.

Gin Monkey 47


Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is composed of 47 botanicals among which cranberries are immediately apparent on the nose, along with fresh notes of eucalyptus and pine. A clean, vibrant palate with lime zest and a prominent berried note is complimented with wild herbs and a subdued juniper presence; this is a wonderfully aromatic gin for G&T lovers!
Awards: Gold medal, IWSC London 2011

monkey 47

In 2008, Alexander Stein created the Black Forest Distillery with the intention to produce the best gin in the world. Baptized Monkey 47 in tribute to British Commander Montgomery, himself a gin producer in the Black Forest in the Fifties, it is made in small batches (1250 litters) and is distilled in small stills heated through vapour.

47%, 50cl – London Dry Gin



TEELING Single Malt
46%, 70cl – Single Malt, Ireland

Teeling is an independent Irish whiskey company dedicated to bringing choice and breadth back to the Irish whiskey category through small batch releases of interesting and flavoursome bottlings.

Their goal is to revive the independent spirit of Dublin.
All Teeling whiskeys are bottled at 46% with no chill filtration, allowing for all the natural flavours of the whiskey to be retained.

AMRUT Fusion


AMRUT Fusion
50%, 70cl – Single Malt, India / Bangalore

Produced almost exclusively from barley grown in the fertile plains at the foot of the Himalayas, in order to retain its natural characteristics at bottling Amrut is still not chill filtered. This whisky is similar to Speyside whiskies, fruity on the palate with hints of spice and chocolate which are typical to ageing in casks previously used for bourbon. Proud of its success, the distillery now offers small batches with a natural alcohol content of over 60% to focus greater attention on the finesse and unique character of this single malt. A Peated version, made with Scottish malted barley, has been available for some years, paying testament to its unique expertise.



KAVALAN Solist Sherry
57,8%, 70cl – Single Malt, Taiwan

The Kavalan distillery is named after an ancient tribe that used to the live in the region, in the north-west part of the island of Taiwan. Founded by the King Car Group, Kavalan did not hesitate to call on the services of the best experts in the industry, declaring their intention from the outset to make a whisky of exceptional quality. It was thus with the help of Jim Swann that the distillery produced the first drops of its new-make on 11 March 2006 and brought its first whisky to the market in December 2008. By selecting the best barrels, Kavalan managed to produce a range of single casks (sherry, bourbon and port) in 2009, only three years after it began production, and has already won numerous medals at a variety of international competitions.

Buffalo Trace


Buffalo Trace, the emblematic bourbon from the distillery of the same name, is a classical American whiskey. Created in 1999, this Kentucky Straight bourbon, produced from a mash bill of maize (80%), rye (10%) and barley (10%), is a blend of some thirty barrels of the distillery’s new make spirit aged between 8 and 12 years old. For a long time almost impossible to find outside the United States, it is now finally available in Europe, in a new version bottled at 40% (instead of 45% in America).
Port Askaig

40%, 70cl – Straight Bourbon, United States / Kentucky

Dry Fly


This young micro-distillery founded in 2007 by Don Poffenroth and Kent Fleischmann in the heart of the state of Washington is called Dry Fly, a reference to fly fishing. All the raw materials used in the production of the whiskies, vodka and gin are locally sourced. The distillery’s efforts are regularly rewarded at national competitions and tastings.
Port Askaig

DRY FLY Bourbon 101
50.5%, 70cl – Straight Bourbon, United States / Washington



The Sonoma County Distilling Company is a distillery founded in 2010 in the heart of Sonoma County tasked with producing high quality whiskeys for the discerning whiskey drinker. Grain to Glass is our focus – every level of the production is handled in-house, including the mashing and fermentation of grains, direct-fired alembic pot distillation, barrel ageing, and packaging. Through hard work, time-honoured techniques, and our ideal location in picturesque Sonoma County, we are California’s premier whiskey distillery.
Port Askaig

48%, 70cl – Straight Rye, United States / California



BLANTON’S Special Reserve
40%, 70cl – Straight Bourbon, United States / Kentucky

In 1983, Blanton’s was the first bourbon to be released as a single cask bottling, revolutionising American whiskey in the process. It is produced in the Buffalo Trace distillery in the heart of Kentucky. This straight bourbon is named after Colonel Blanton who ran the distillery from 1912 to 1953. Inspired by his predecessor, Blanton’s creator took advantage of the end of cask rotation, and decided to allow each cask to express its own unique flavour profile. This is why Blanton’s different expressions are able to offer a succulent and precise range of cereal, spice, candied fruit, citrus fruit and floral notes.


Compass Box


46%, 70cl – Blended Malt, Scotland

Compass Box is unique in the world of whisky. Founded just over ten years ago, it is a small independent company specialising in the blending of whiskies bought from the main whisky producers. Compass Box has made this its speciality, becoming the master in its fields of blended malts, blended grains and blended whisky, with each category represented in its portfolio. It is also a company with a genuine philosophy, elevating blending to a worthy, noble task, distancing itself from its industrial image and reasserting the value of its craft as a ‘whiskymaker’.




46%, 70cl – Single Malt, Scotland / Islay

The first distillery built on the Isle of Islay for over a century, Kilchoman celebrated its third birthday in September 2009, with its new spirit finally reaching the age required for it to be legally called a single malt. Built using the model of a “farmhouse-distillery”, Kilchoman makes a point of distilling its new spirit from barley grown on its own land. Some 100 tonnes are harvested and malted at the distillery, providing 30% of their needs. The rest comes from the maltings at Port Ellen. Its first barrel of new make spirit was filled in 2005. 




Produced from buckwheat (the famous saracen), whiskies from the Eddu brand are unique and stand out from other whiskies for their taste that is like no other. Rounder, less full-bodied and lighter, the different Eddu whiskies are all marked by floral, fruity, spicy and nutty notes. Distilled twice in Charente stills, aged in casks from Cognac and the forest of Brocéliande, and gently reduced over many years in casks, these eaux de vie are produced using a combination of French and Scottish techniques. These whiskies are extremely innovative and at the same time remain faithful to ancient Breton traditions.
Port Askaig

EDDU Silver
40%, 70cl – Pure Buckwheat, France / Brittany



ARMORIK Double Maturation
46%, 70cl – Single Malt, France / Brittany

For more than a century this family distillery has produced spirits whose reputation extends beyond Armorican borders, combining innovation and expertise. In 1987, Warenghem began producing the first French single malt: Armorik was born. A genuine symbol of the distillery’s values, Armorik showcases both the quality of its expertise and its love of the Breton terroir: not only are the single malts all aged in Brittany but they also often contain salty notes as well as notes of salted caramel and cooked apples that recall the culinary heritage and traditional alcohol production of the area. These single malts are made from both malted and unmalted barley. A sign of recognised expertise, in February 2014, Warenghem won the gold medal at the “Concours Général Agricole” for their Armorik Classic.



Redbreast is one of the top Single Pot Still Irish Whiskeys. Each of its bottles is the expression of a perfect mastery of a centuries-old procedure. Produced exclusively at the Midleton distillery, this Irish whiskey respects the three fundamental principles of production: a must created from malted and unmalted barley; triple distillation in copper pot stills; and maturation in first-fill ex-sherry casks and ex-bourbon casks. In 2013, its newest whisky was released, the Redbreast 21 Year Old, embodying the Redbreast style more than ever before and adding the finishing touches to a range that already includes a 12 year old, a cask strength 12 year old and a 15 year old
Port Askaig

REDBREAST 12 ans Single Pot Still
40%, 70cl – Single Pot Still, Ireland / County Cork

Run Nation


The Rum Nation range is the result of years of research and tasting. Launched in 1999, this range has a distinctly Latino style with rums from unusual countries such as Panama and Guatemala. Each release is carefully bottled at between 40 and 45% ABV, to combine balance, mellowness, texture and flavour. Fabio Rossi wanted to introduce fine spirits enthusiasts to new products from the Caribbean and Latin America, and was one of the first to explore the rums of Peru and Panama. The product of a three-hundred-year-old tradition, each rum has a flavour and a personality that offers a unique expression of its region and origins.
Port Askaig

70cl – Rum, British Guiana / Demerara-Mahaica

Chalong Bay


40%, 70cl -Rum, Thailand

Chalong Bay Rum prides itself in producing 100% natural rum using only ‘best-of-crop’ Thai sugarcane and centuries old French distillation methods. Chalong Bay Rum produces exquisite rum, filled with fruity aromas for that extra smooth tropical taste – the true spirit of Phuket.



Founded at the end of the 19th century on Marie-Galante, the ‘island with a hundred windmills’, the Bielle distillery upholds a tradition of producing agricultural rum from pure sugarcane juice, and has gradually evolved with successive proprietors. It is located on the ‘Bielle’ section of a plateau at an altitude of 110 metres. Respectful of the environment, the Bielle distillery has adopted an ecological approach that uses a natural process of evaporation through plants.
Port Askaig

59%, 50cl – Rum, France / Marie Galante



The smallest distillery on Martinique, Neisson resembles a complex kaleidoscope of green and pink houses, as if they were trying to imitate the luscious surrounding vegetation. Since 1931, three generations have succeeded one after the other at the head of the distillery, preserving the skills and expertise of the greatest Martinique tradition. Grégory Vernant-Neisson, in his early forties and currently at the head of the distillery, describes their Martinique Agricultural Rum AOC: “The most important thing to understand about Martinique rum from is that it’s produced directly from sugar cane juice, and not molasses.” Behind the Neisson philosophy lies a great respect for the value of the land and its properties. Because Martinique, with its volcanic soil and climate (particularly in the north of the island where the distillery is located) has a particularly strong influence on the aromatic palette of Neisson Rums and their unique flavours.
Port Askaig

NEISSON Le Rhum par Neisson
52.5%, 70cl – Rum, France / Martinique

Santa Teresa


Santa Teresa is a light rum. Its production begins with the fermentation of molasses, either in batches (between one and two days) or through continuous fermentation over 15 hours (a process co-developed with Bacardi), giving it a must that is four times more pure. These different musts can be distilled in column stills to obtain a spirit with only the desired congeners, or in pot stills using artisan distillation methods. Ageing is carried out in vats of up to 18,000 litres or using the solera method. Recognised internationally for its quality and originality, “Ron de Vénézuela” has become one of the top ACs in the world of rum.
Port Askaig


40%, 70cl – Rhum, Venezuela



Traditional Haiti ! These highly artisanal eaux-de-vie, similar to white agricole rums, have long been the most popular drink in the remotest, poorest regions of Haiti. Bottled at natural strength, these three bottlings come from three different distilleries but have aspects in common: pure, well balanced alcohols capable of evolving interestingly and expressively in the glass. The Brazilian have cachaça, the Haitian have clairin!
Port Askaig

CLAIRIN 2015 Casimir
53,4%, 70cl – Rum, Haiti

Hellyers Road


The largest micro-distillery in Australia (producing 100,000 litres per year), Hellyers Road was founded in 1997. Located on the island of Tasmania, which is known more for its wines, salmon and lush green landscapes, the distillery owes its existence to a passion for whisky shared by the owner of a milk cooperative and a professional distiller: together they decided to create a new “milk”, which was malted and in a rather more Scottish style! Distilled for the first time in 1999, the quality of the whisky was quickly appreciated by connoisseurs, and is now one of the islands best exports, and among Australia’s most well-known whiskies.
Port Askaig

46.2%, 70cl – Single Malt, Australia / Tasmanie



Located in the province of Gästrikland, the Mackmyra distillery first opened its doors in 1999. Unique in more than one respect, Mackmyra was the first distillery in Sweden to produce whisky. It produces single malts produced from Swedish barley and sources its water from an underground spring fed by the hills of Valboåsen. While part of its whisky stock is left to mature in 100 litre casks, the Mackmyra distillery also uses first-fill ex-bourbon barrels that, once filled, are stocked in a warehouse 50 metres underground in the “Bodäs” mine. It also uses new Swedish oak casks from a forest located on the island of Visingsö, planted over 160 years ago to provide a source of wood for the construction of military navy boats.
Port Askaig

MACKMYRA Bruks Whisky
41.4%, 70cl – Single Malt, Sweden / Gavleborg County



Acquired by the Japanese group Nikka in 1989, the Ben Nevis distillery was, under the ownership of Joseph W.Hobbs in 1955, one of the only distilleries in Scotland to have its own traditional pot stills and a Coffey-style column still. Bought by Long John Distillers in 1981, the Coffey stills were subsequently dismantled. Although the majority of its whisky is aged in ex-sherry casks, some ex-bourbon cask bottlings have recently appeared on the independent market. It’s worth noting that the distillery was mothballed for six years at the end of the 1970s, and then again in 1984 and from 1986 to 1989.
Port Askaig

BEN NEVIS Traditional Malt 46%
46%, 70cl – Single Malt, Ecosse / Highlands



“Forest Dry is a collection of gins made in the Anvers region (Belgium) inspired by the natural cycle of the seasons. Forest Dry gins combine juniper with different seasonal ingredients harvested on the distillery’s estate. The dominant juniper berry flavour is a feature shared by all Forest Dry Gins. The Summer version is a very dry, lively gin with characteristic flavours of blood orange and bergamot blossom, with a delicious final note of ginger.

Forest Dry Gins are unique in the world thanks to their special flavours, characteristics and aesthetic. The best illustration of the artisanal mastery that goes into crafting these gins remains their subtly cloudy aspect, triggered by a high percentage of essential oils produced by distilling seasonal fruits and plants.”

FOREST Dry Gin Summer
45%, 50cl – Gin, Belgium



Even before he earned his title of ‘Professor’, Cornelius Ampleforth was known as a slightly eccentric inventor. He dreamed of running a huge laboratory filled with vials, test tubes, botanicals and spirits. And in the autumn of 2011 his dreams became a reality with the release of his ‘Bathtub Gin’. The tireless professor’s imagination has continued to produce a stream of concoctions, such as a cold-distilled 91.2% ABV absinthe and a cask-aged gin. Nothing appears to deter him from completing his experiments. Using a wide range of tools and resources, he revives the spirits of the past, much to the delight of discerning palates and connoisseurs. Infusions, distillations and the professor’s genius ensure that every bottle produced is packed with rich, complex flavours. We await his next creation with trepidation and wonder!
Port Askaig

43.3%, 70cl – Gin, England / Greater London



49.9%, 50cl – Gin, England / Greater London

Created in a tribute to Ralph Dodd, its spiritual founder born 200 years ago, Dodd’s Gin features a floral, light personality characterised by stunning notes of juniper, cardamom and blackcurrant. The bottle’s design combines elegance and purity and features the year 1807, the date on which the ingenious Dodd was already predicting the future in the world of spirits. Made from a blend of two spirits distilled and flavoured separately, one in a small 140-litre copper column still called ‘Cristina’ and the other in a vacuum still known as ‘Little Albion’, this London gin is certified organic and has been made from juniper berries and bay leaf, angelica, cardamom, lemon and honey by the London Distillery Company in the heart of the capital since 2011.

Profile: cloves, nutmeg, florals (vetiver, geranium blossom). Black pepper and peppermint. Creamy, apricot yoghurt. Empyreumatic (ash, cypress).



L’Encantada is an independent bottler driven by four passionate professionals. This collection of enchanting armagnac products is selected from a range of estates and bottled at cask strength. L’Encantada specifically aims to preserve the colour, alcohol content and original authenticity of one of France’s most legendary and age-old eau-de-vie products.
Port Askaig

L’ENCANTADA 25 years old
46.7%, 50cl – Armagnac, France / Gascogne

Vallein Tercinier


In 1850 Georges Vallein began selling his cognacs in bottles. Since then, five generations of distillers have followed in his footsteps, continuing the work of their ancestors and creating remarkable blends. Today the Vallein-Tercinier family offers versions of the main crus from the cognac appellation as well as unique and rare bottlings from its own collection. The blending process, which is the fruit of long experience, enables complete control over of the quality of the finished product. By blending aged eaux de vie and a variety of different crus, the Maïtre de Chai is able to create perfect harmony.
Port Askaig

40%, 65cl – Cognac, France / Poitou-Charentes



During the golden age of the Navy, the gunroom was the junior officers’ mess on naval vessels. On their long journeys, the junior officers used to gather here to eat, sleep and no doubt enjoy a sip of their favourite spirit. Today the gunroom evokes this unique atmosphere: a moment of relaxation where the men felt at home in their comfortable armchairs sipping a glass of their favourite drink and smoking a cigar. Gunroom Spirits is a range of high quality spirits to recreate the authentic spirit of the Royal British Navy’s golden age. Particular care is taken over the selection of ingredients as well as the distillation to offer the full spirit of the high seas.
Port Askaig

65%, 50cl – Rum, Carribean



In the 1840s, the Aguiar family began producing rum which was then sold in its shops. The company expanded in 1885 to include the production of cocoa, chocolate and a transport company. In 1934, Peter d’Aguiar refocused activity on the production of rum and modernised the distillery. The move was a great success and in 1954 XM became one of the great brands of demerara-style rum. Today, Banks DIH Limited products are known internationally for their high quality, thanks to the work of its master blender who has successfully managed to preserve their typical deep and fruity character.
Port Askaig

XM 15 years old
40%, 70cl – Rum, British Guiana



Vittorio Gianni Capovilla is recognised as one of the best distillers in the world. Intensely passionate about fruit, the former mechanic is dedicated to seeking out its rarest and most remarkable varieties in the Alps and Italy or indeed in France and Romania. A veritable engineer of nature, he has, since 1976, been dedicated to finding new ways to purify his eaux de vie and preserve the essence of its fruit and pomace, filing numerous patents related to distillation, conservation and reduction before bottling.
Port Askaig

CAPOVILLA Abricot du Vesuve – Albicocche del Vesuvio
49%, 50cl – Fruit Brandies, Italy / Venetie



Made from fine white wine distilled in the untamed valley of Tulahuén at the foot of the Andes, this pisco expresses fruity, floral and liquorice aromas. Pisco WAQAR is exclusively made from hand-picked Muscat grapes, the traditional base used for making Chilean pisco. Distilled in small quantities in a copper still, only the middle cut of this alcohol is retained. No woody aromas are added in order to preserve its original purity and clarity. Each bottle reflects the crystal-clear skies of Chile. The intense, refined aromas of Pisco WAQAR hint at the innovative cocktails to come: a surprising spirit that allows for the most creative and imaginative of combinations. Profile: Fresh, spiced. Muscat grape. Mushroom, melon, chervil. Cocktail Pisco Sour Pisco Sour takes its roots in a Peruvian cocktail that was fashionable in the 1920s. A stunning alliance of a sour cocktail base from the English tradition and the acidity of lime. • ½ egg white (optional) • 5 cl of Waqar Pisco • 2 cl of freshly-squeezed lime • 1 cl of sugar cane syrup • 2 shots of Amargo Chuncho Bitters – Put the egg white, lime juice, cane sugar syrup and pisco in a shaker. – Shake all the ingredients together along with ice. – Serve in a lowball glass. – Finish by adding two shots of Amargo Chunco Bitters.
Port Askaig

 40%, 70cl – Pisco, Chile

Macchu Pisco


Peruvian Pisco is highly regulated to ensure that the final product represents the characters of the grape & terroir. Hence, there is only 1 production season that follows the harvest. A young wine is produced and then distilled. Peruvian law does not allow water to correct the final product so all Peruvian Piscos are between 39-43% ABV and must be clear in color.
Port Askaig


MACCHU PISCO The Spirit of the Andes , 40%, 70cl – Pisco, Perou



Montelobos Joven is the result of one man’s vision and passion for mezcal, namely Ivan Saldana. Situated in Santiago Matatlan in the Oaxaca region, this distillery uses only the Espadin agave variety. This totally authentic and classic mezcal is very subtle and full of nuances; hints of earthy, almost peaty notes can also be detected. Its aromatic and lively palette is above all centred around the taster. From the onset, the initial nose sets the tone: lemony, salty and peppery. Then follows a delicate earthy note with delicious fragrances of agave. Spices become more pronounced (nutmeg, cloves). The palate is unmistakably earthy, almost peaty. A remarkably forthright mezcal that continues to intensify throughout the tasting experience.
Port Askaig

43.2%, 70cl – Mezcal, Mexico / Oaxaca



The Guatemalan company, ‘Ilegal’ takes its name from the fact that it employed somewhat unconventional methods to import its first “artisanal” mezcals. At that time the best producers of artisanal mezcal did not have any official certification; it was therefore in theory illegal to export them. Hence the founders of Ilegal opted to import the mezcal on a clandestine basis. The company is now thankfully legal, and the Ilegal brand continues to select mezcals from traditional producers who have organic certification and whose mezcal has a unique aromatic profile: the notes of agave take precedence over the notes of smoke, rather than the other way around.

Produced entirely from Espadin agave grown in the Tlocolula region, Ilegal Mezcal is distilled twice in copper stills. This classic version, Joven, is bottled using traditional methods, and without being aged.

40%, 50cl – Mezcal, Mexico



Distilled by third-generation distiller Javier Mateo, the Derrumbes brand mezcals bring together the various expressions of this historic Mexican spirit. Distilled in three small villages in the states of Oaxaca, Michoacan and San Luis Potosi, each production is based on a different variety of agave, and offers the perfect marriage between terroir, technique and type of agave.
Port Askaig

70cl – Mezcal, Mexico / Oaxaca



Produced in the La Alteña distillery located in the Arandas mountains near Jalisco, Tapatio is a 100% blue agave tequila. The distillery, owned by the Camarena family, was completely destroyed in 1910 during the Mexican revolution. In 1937, Don Felipe Camarena decided to rebuild it in the Highlands, 20 miles from its original location, renaming it La Alteña – the woman of the mountain. Today the distillery is run by his great grandson. Among others, it produces a small range with an outstanding character: Tapatio Tequilav
Port Askaig

40%, 50cl – Tequila, Mexico / Jalisco



Potocki vodka is part of a long tradition upheld by the aristocratic Potocki Polish family. Created in 1816 after the fall of Napoleon, it is produced in the country’s second oldest distillery at Lancut Castle. By 1856 it had gained such a reputation that it is served at Vienna’s imperial table. Made with rye grown locally it is then double-distilled without filtration
Port Askaig

40%, 70cl – Vodka,  Poland

Del Professore


Three experienced bartenders, inspired by traditional Italian products and the Prohibition era, united to create Rome’s premier cocktail bar and a major promoter of historic liquors: the Jerry Thomas Project. Named after the iconic bartender and cocktail pioneer Jerry Thomas, aka “The Professor”, the bar celebrates prohibition drinks, forgotten Italian spirits and high quality raw ingredients. They worked together with one of the oldest Italian distilleries, Antica Distelleria Quaglia, to produce their own liquors and bitters. The Del Professore’s range is a tribute to Italian liquors know-how and the art of mixology.

42.9%, 70cl – Gin, Italy

West Winds


50%, 70cl – Gin, Australie

Gin with aboriginal influence: imagine the flavour of gin made from a distillate of aboriginal plants combined with the crystal clear waters of margaret river in Western Australia.



40%, 70cl – Gin, Scotland / Speyside

The Balmenach distillery is known for its rich single malt that is very representative of the Speyside style. It will no doubt become known for its gin also, thanks to Caorunn – pronounced ‘ka-roon’. It must be said that like its whisky, it is full of nuances, and the path if full of flowers, fruits and spices. We cdo even find some peat.



"Made from wheat grown in Moravia, Babicka (meaning ‘grandmother’) is a vodka that is distilled six times, flavoured with hand-picked wormwood leaves from the eastern plains of Czech Republic, spices (star anise, coriander) and fennel. In one word: inspiring! Profile: fresh fruits (pear, apricot, apple), freshly-cut grass and powerful spices (cloves, cardamom). Praline, butterscotch. Floral (lilac, lily of the valley, iris)."
Port Askaig


BABICKA Wormwood Vodka
40%, 70cl – Vodka, Republique Tcheque



The Cotswolds Distilling Company was born out of a dream to produce ultra-premium small batch whisky and other spirits in one of the most beautiful region in the world. Located in Stourton, one of the most scenic countryside of England, the distillery began distillation during summer 2014, with the first limited edition batch of Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky ready for release in 2017. In the meantime, you must try Costwolds’ gin, produced with local and organic ingredients.
Port Askaig

46%, 70cl – Gin, England / West Midlands

New York Distilling


New York Distilling Company was created by Tom Potter–co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery–and Allen Katz, a former chairman of Slow Food U.S.A. and current director of spirits education and mixology for Southern Wine and Spirits of New York. Add to those impressive résumés their commitment to using sustainably produced and local ingredients for their spirits, and you have an immediate recipe for success. NY Distilling produces 3 different types of gin and just released its first rye whisky expression.
Port Askaig


NY DISTILLING Perry Tot – Navy Strength Gin
57%, 70cl – Gin, Belgique



MEKHONG Spirit of Thailand
35%, 70cl – Liqueur, Thailand

Made in the Bangyukhan distillery, Mekhong is a traditional Thai spirit. Created in 1941, it was named after the River Mekong, made famous by its difficult border line with Laos. Mekhong turns 70 in 2011. This spirit is distilled from 95% molasses and 5% rice with sugar, spices and aromatic herbs added to the mix. Bottled at 35% ABV, Mekhong is a key component in many cocktails, such as the Sabai Sabai, Thailand’s traditional welcoming cocktail.

Francois Guy


Invented by George Guy in 1921 with the help of his father Armand, Pontarlier-Anis uses the family recipe for Pontarlier absinthe, but without the absinthe plant! A unique beverage obtained exclusively through the distillation of green anise seeds and carefully selected plants. This aniseed aperitif comes from the distillation of green anise in hundred-year-old stills, giving the famous Pontarlier-Anis its delicate, distinctive taste. The low sugar content gives it roundness and exceptional length on the palate. The company’s flagship product.

 45%, 50cl – Aniseed, France / Franche-Comte



NARDINI Acqua di Cedro
29%, 50cl – Bitters, Italy / Venetie

A grappa-based liqueur similar to Limoncello, Acqua di Cedro differs in some respects from its cousin: made from citron instead of lemon, it is colourless and clear where Limoncello is yellow and cloudy. It is often seen as a more complex, richer and long liqueur.