Tequila Ocho


It took 8 years before this Agave field from the region of El Puertecito located in the North-East of Aguascalientes was ready for harvest. An exceptional 100% agave tequila.
Awards: Gold Medal. International Review of Spirits Awards, 2012


Produced by the 3rd generation of a tequileros family, Ocho Tequila is one of the rare to be made using tradional methods. It is the first Tequila which indicates the year of production and the exact field where the Agave plants have been grown.
Each lot comes from a different field or “Rancho”, which possesses its very own regional characteristics , because the producers has known for a long time that the Terroir has a significative impact on the Agave, the same way it has an impact on the grape in the wineindustry. The result is an alcohol of supreme quality, which accentuates the agave flavour which is exclusive to Tequila.

40%, 50cl – Tequila

Rhum Caroni


This small batch release which was distilled in 2000 has distinct notes of macadamia nuts and spices, two of the main flavor characteristics running throughout Caroni’s rich and flavoursome rums.

Caroni is Rum’s first case of a closed distillery becoming famous, a kind of Port Ellen in Trinidad. With its own sugar plantation, it started producing in 1918 equipped with a quadruple column still and a small copper pot still, creating rich, heavy, spicy rums.
In 2001 the government took the decision to stop production of sugar cane in Trinidad, causing the distillery to close in 2002. In 2004, Luca Gargano visited the distillery and found hundreds of barrels from the seventies onwards in an abandoned hangar. He decided there and then to buy the entire stock, let the rum mature further and bottle the casks little by little.

50%, 70cl – Trinidad Rum

Don Papa


Don Papa
40%, 70cl – Rum, Philippines

Don Papa Rum, was inspired by the story of one of the unsung heroes of the Philippine revolution: Dionisio Magbuelas, better known locally as “Papa” Isio. Initially a foreman at a sugar plantation, Papa Isio — healer, shaman, seer, rebel, and  leader of a group of babaylanes — played a key role during the late 19th-century Philippine Revolution.

Papa Isio’s spirit and leadership played a critical part in freeing Negros from Spanish rule, ultimately leading to independence for his  beloved country.
Don  Papa  Rum embodies Papa Isio’s spirit of independence, irreverence and sense of justice. Created in 2011 and now ready for consumption in 2012, The Don invites you to REVOLUTIONIZE your rum-drinking experience.
The Spirit of Don Papa lives on in us all.



40%, 70cl – Rum, Columbia

In 1751, Severo Arango y Ferro arrived in Cartagena de Indias, a port city in Colombia, with the aim of developing trade there. A powerful man, he was rapidly given the name the “Dictador”.

In 1913, Don Angel Nùnèz decided to set up his business there and founded his distillery, Destileria Colombiana. He went on to produce and distribute his wines and spirits locally for 40 years. After his death, his family picked up where he left off. At the dawn of the 21st century, the distillery gained access to the Caribbean zone when it was merged with a larger group; this generated new markets for its rums.

Christian Drouin


40%, 70cl – France / Normandie

Three generations from a family of enthusiasts have now handed down control of the Christian Drouin house, one of the greatest gems in the production of Calvados and in particular Calvados Pays d’Auge.

Established in 1991 on a former stud farm in Coudray-Rabut near Pont l´Evêque, the estate boasts an exceptional range. In possession of the best and most comprehensive collection of old vintage Calvados – the oldest dating back to 1939 – Christian Drouin is to Calvados what Gordon & MacPhail is to whisky – a temple! Its cellar masters have been awarded numerous prizes in recognition of their skills.
The brand introduced in 2016 in Singapore Le Gin, an elegant cider apple eau-de-vie from Normandy in which juniper berries, ginger, vanilla, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals and almonds have been macerated.



MERLET Brothers Blend Cognac
40%, 70cl – Cognac, France / Poitou-Charentes

Wine-growers in the French region of Saintonge for over two centuries, the Merlet family installed its first still in around 1850 in order to begin distilling and producing cognac.

Over generations, they have refined their craft and now produce unique eaux de vie that are characteristic of the Saintonge terroir. Everything, from the alchemy of the still’s copper to the oak of the barrels, comes together over time to allow their eaux de vie to blossom into harmonious cognacs. In the 1970s, the creation of the Cassis plantation represented the first step in the diversification of the local wine-making terroir. The birth of the Crème de Cassis of Saintonge Boisée led to the creation of a range of fruit crèmes that are today extremely well-known.